New training for Pocho... critique welcome

starting my training again. (Ive been sick for 2 weeks with sinus infection, prevented me from running. Kinda sucked) Gonna post all my weight lifting, running, and eating. Critiques welcome.

Gonna post later on tonight.

Thanks and Laters

9/18/06 - Day 1

Breakfast - Noni Juice, 1 Cup water, Organic Cereal w/ organic milk, Vitamins (Lecithin, B Complex, Multi)

Lunch - Sandwich on Sourdough w/ turkey, butter, swiss cheese.


Jogged 1 lap as a warmup followed by dynamic stretches.
Ran 500, walk 400, ran 400, walked 300, ran 300, walked 200, ran 200, walked 100, ran 100.
After i ran, i went to the gym
BP - 3x10
Lat Pull-Down - 3x12
Tricep Push-Down - 2x12
Arm Running motion with DBs - 2x30 (15 each arm)
Incline BP 1x10

After workout I ate some salted pretzels w/ 1L of water. Came home and had some tea w/ a baklava.

Dinner as far as I know is 1 or 2 chicken breasts, white jasmine rice, and a vegetable.

I have no idea if im gonna eat anything later after that…

So… day 1

Post workout meal is salted pretzels? lol sorry man but thats terrible.

Have a protein shake for starters.

You need to eat a little more to keep up with your activity levels. Unless you are trying to lose weight? You might have 1600 calories in there…

What are your goals? I agree, salted pretzels aren’t the best choice to eat after your workout. At the least a carb and protein drink. You don’t have to get fancy about it, check out the “Post-Workout drink” thread in the nutrition section.

lol, no man… i only had enough money for pretzels, i was freakin starving! Since I dont have much money at this point in time, i cant buy any protein shakes :frowning:

Goals so far? Right now im just trying to get back into shape! :wink: Today on the track was rough. no fun at all… but my long term goals are to get faster in the 100/200.

Till tomorrow

Do you live by yourself? You don’t even need supplements to have a decent post-workout meal; chocolate milk is better than nothing! Or pretzels!

9/19/06 Day 2

Slept 9 hours

– Noni Juice, Glass of water, 3 eggs (Sunday side up) 2 halfs of english muffin (one had butter/cheese the other had butter/lingonberries) Glass of Milk, vitamines, Table Spoon of bee pollen

Workout on track only
1 lap jog at around 25% followed by stretching
50m walk between 100s and 100m wwalk after 200
(Should I make it a 50m walk between all the runs? Since most, if not all, is tempo?)
Sit-ups/push-ups done after running
After Workout had a nutri-grain bar followed by gatorade

Lunch – Sandwich of some sort.

Dinner - Is most likely some type of meat w/ vegitables and some other thing…

I don’t think you need to worry about your diet to the extent that most people do on here. I understand that you are a college student it’s expensive to eat well. Just train hard and make sure you are getting enough food (calories).

Our head coach feeds our team crap including cookies, pretzels, pizza, fast food, etc (or nothing) and everyone still improves. Sure, having a good diet is wonderful but just make sure you have some food. The biggest problem I see is inadequate calories. I don’t worry too much about trying to get our kids eating enchanted free range organic meats and distilled water with blueberries and fish oil. Hell I gave my long jumper a bag of gummi worms before her event one day and she PRd, jumped great just because she needed some food. On the same note, our best girl sprinter ran sub-par after a breafast of whole wheat toast, water, nuts, and a vegatable omlet. Of course there are dozens of factors but your diet cannot save you from them.

So in summary:
#1- Make sure you get enough food to support your training.
#2- Make sure you don’t overeat on junk and become overweight.

Did you ever see what most powerlifters eat? Fast food diet and they have great strength & power it’s just that they are often a bit overweight (on purpose).

O there’s no doubt that I get a full surving of food each day… I make sure of that! Plus, my mom’s a health freak, and she keeps me pretty healthy! :smiley:

Tha workout today was rough! lol, I was weazing and everything! I think id rather do the ladder workout than what I did today :smiley:

lol, laters

9/20/06 Day 3

Slept 8 Hours

–Noni Juice, 2 Glasses of water, Fruit Salad(Banana, Pecans, Walnuts, Honey), 1 Hard boiled egg (No yolk), 2 halfs of english muffin (one with butter/swiss chess the other butter/lingonberries), Mint Tea, Vitamins

– Sandwich on Sourdough with smoked turkey, swiss, and butter with bottle of water.

–6x20m A skip with 20m cruise
–3x20m B skip with 20m cruise
–3x20m high knees with 20m cruise
–3x20m kick backs with 20m cruise
–3x20m cruise to 20m Accel to 20m cruise
–3x200m @70-80%, 90 sec. int

–Military Press 3x12
–Barbell Shrugs 3x12
–Rear Delt Raise 3x10
–Dumbbell Shrugs 3x10
–Arm Curls 3x8
–Running Arm Movements - 3x30 (15 Each Arm)
Ill probably have a gatorade after I workout
(Is that a good choice?)

Dinner - Stir Fry (Noodles, Pork, Cucumbers, Carrots, broccoli)

After dinner - probably something sweet

(with all that theres probably gonna be more food eatin)

9/21/06 Day 4

Slept good 9 hours or so

– Noni Juice, Fruit Salad (Banana, Grapes(Purple) Nuts), Glass of water, Tea, Left overs from last nights dinner

– Sandwich (sourdough, mayo, chedder, turkey, pickles) Chips, Grapes (Purple)

1 lap jog at around 25% followed by stretching
Tempo; 100 meter walk between everything
After running stretch
Had a gatorade

Dinner - Chicken, okra, noodles

After dinner - ???

9/22/06 Day 5

–Same supps, Fruit Salad(Banana, Nuts, Honey), Tea, Water, Scrambled Eggs w/ cheese mixed in

–Sandwich SAme as yesterday, chocolate bottle of water

–Track, ran 20 minutes
–Legs (Sqaut, Deadlift, leg extension/curl, etc)

Dinner - Meat, vegi, other

After - ???

Today I completed John Smiths GPP! Of course I changed it up a bit to suit my current level, but it was rough.

I think that Tuesdays and Thursdays are the hardest.

Has anybody tried it?

What exactly did you do?

why dont you read my posts from day 1-5? Duhhh :stuck_out_tongue:

its all there, all you gotta do is read…

Funny… Smartass. I have read your posts, your last post said you completed John Smith’s GPP, how could you have completed an entire GPP in one week? That’s why I asked that question.

lol, oooooo… i see :smiley: i just did one week of his gpp… thats all.

I have 5 more weeks of it, its not gonna be fun… like i said, days tuesday and thursday are rough!


today I just did a ladder workout

500-400-300-200-100 with rest-walk of what im about to do. (So run 500, walk 400, run 400, etc.)

Didnt have time to go to the gym :o (Crappers)

Thats it, ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner with some things mixed in…


Tuesday 9/26/06
1 lap jog at 25% followed by 10 minutes stretching
100 (walk 50), 100 (walk 50), 100 (walk 100)
100 (walk 50), 200 (walk 50), 100 (walk 50), 100 (walk 100)
Rest 5 minutes
100 (walk 50), 100 (walk 50), 200 (walk 50), 200 (walk 100),
100 (walk 50), 200 (walk 50), 100 (walk 100),
100 (walk 50), 100 (walk 50), 100 (walk 50)