new to running

Ok I’m basically new at this.
I’m a twenty year old guy from the Netherlands, and have been doing strength training for some time now. Currently on a
Bill starr routine for those who now. I took up running because I wanted to upgrade my cardiovascular work, lose some fat and eventually be able to take on sprints. I currently run three times a week, 3*10 minutes so 90 minutes total. I would like to progress to something more difficult, say intervalling.
Since I squat 3 times a week I was thinking about an moderate intense interval session tuesday, constant session thursday an intense session saturday.
I am fairly heavy, about 230-235 so my legs(shins) get quite a pounding. Does someone have an idea how to progress in to this, and how I should work up to sprints eventually?

I suggest starting now with some hill work.
Try four sets of 5 uphill sprints of 10 meters two or three times the first week. If that goes well, go to 20m the second week, 30m the third week and 40m the fourth week. Do these on a fairly gentle slope – 10% grade or less on grass.

See how that goes and then decide where to go from there. If it goes well, you could start with one session a week on the track, and start adding some flying sprints to the mix.

I’d do a search for “tempo” on this site then try a few tempo workouts a week. Tempo is interval running with short breaks in between runs. After you feel comfortable with running at higher speeds you could move to sprinting, but this all depends on your goals.

Blink makes a good point. What to do depends on your goals. If you want to run short sprints, I’d go with what I suggested. If you want cardio work and general conditioning involving some less intense sprinting, tempo work is the way to go.

Typically, you would do the speed type work I suggested on one day and then tempo the next day, with speed days being more intense and tempo days being more for recovery and conditioning.

so basically continous running does nothing much? I would like one day off this for now since my lifting is fairly intense. I need to improve my training slowly so I don’t get injured. I think tempo twice a week for now would be intense enough, and then take on sprints after my body gets strong enough.

monday: lifting
thuesday: extensive tempo
thursday:running with same pace
friday: lifting
saturday: intensive tempo

so what would be suggested for tempo, there’s a shitload of info on this site so I didn’t found really something conclusive yet. But I read there’s intensive and extensive tempo?

extensive something like
1 min running
30 sec rest
1,5 min running
45 sec rest
2 min running
1 min rest
2,5 min running
and piramiding back

and intensive like
20 second sprints with 2-3 rests in between?
am I in the right direction here?

going to read some more :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t say continuous running doesn’t do much. I’d say that you can achieve a similar affect in a shorter amount of time (and less distance) by running intervals. More bang for your buck…

Don’t worry about “intensive” tempo, it will just confuse you. Extensive tempo is what most people are referring to when they say tempo. Try running for 30 seconds then resting for 30 seconds. Do this about 8-10 times and that should be a good workout for you. Run @ about 75% pace.

If you want to do all out sprints you could do a speed workout of something like eight 30 meter runs with 3 minutes rest between each run.

okay tnx for the advice guys, I’ll think i’ll go with two tempo workouts a week, and one day slow pace running.
That should be heavy enough for now :slight_smile:

Good luck man. Don’t push yourself too hard. Gradual progression is the best way to go. Cheers,