New Taper DVD From Charlie Francis - Peaking When it Counts

Provided below is a description of a new DVD produced for I had the pleasure of being involved in this project, with one of my athletes being the primary subject last summer. I’m certain that no other video on the market provides the information presented in this DVD. Everything was shot real-time in the process and we were not sure how things were going to pan out from day to day (i.e. performance, weather, facilities, etc.).

I will try to post a trailer for the video very soon. If you have any questions about the video, please don’t hesitate to post a question.

Peaking When It Counts: Perfecting the 10-Day Taper

A new DVD presented by Charlie Francis implements a real-time 10-day taper program with an athlete preparing for the 100m in a championship meet. The 10-day taper schedule begins with a local meet as a last maximal stimulus, then progresses through meticulously to the championship heats and finals.

This product is unlike any other video provided on the market today. While many other videos are scripted and planned for publication, this video was spontaneously created during an actual taper schedule for an athlete preparing for a championship competition. In the process of creating the video, the authors had no idea how the athlete would perform on the day of championship competition. Not only does this scenario make it more exciting for the viewer, but also puts the Charlie Francis approach to a test.

Peaking When It Counts is a must have video for anyone working with high performance athletes and speed athletes. The DVD provides insight into programming for peaking, but also identifies key sprint mechanics issues throughout the process.

Format: NTSC DVD

Run Time: 105 minutes

Price: $69.99 US

To purchase, click on the link below:

“Peaking When It Counts” DVD - NTSC Format

I saw the final preparation for this DVD in person and I can tell you that it will be worth every penny. Oh and in case you are wondering the athelte did run a PB and it was pretty fast (sub 10.4)! My order has gone in already!

Two PBs actually- but who’s counting!

For those who end up purchasing the DVD, I’ll be sure to provide any background information on the training program leading up to the 10 day taper, and some of the challenges we were presented with. Just contact me via PM or at my e-mail. Just part of the customer support provided with the DVD. I’m sure Charlie will also have some valuable feedback based on his experience with the project.

having had a copy of this dvd for some 3 months now and after 3 viewings i can say it is the most comprehensive coaching learning tool dvd yet by far.

the quality of the dvd is outstanding the narrative by Charlie & No2 adds to this great product.

you will gain an insight to the hands on approach to massage and what to look for in the muscles during this period.

i was also told from my coaching education prior to CF influence that you never make a minor technical change during the final period.

CF blows this theory away with some minor techincal advice to the athlete, you can see the results on film and also from the athletes feedback just what a difference it makes.

having been a follower of the 10 day taper now for almost 10 years this reinforces where i am at in my coaching and is an absolute must for any coach wanting to improve his knowledge in the sport…

watch for small cameo appearance from the worlds fastest 7 yr old. :wink:

Some of the other DVD’s left me wanting more. It’s nice that a coach such as Charlie can use a bevy of tools and exercises to improve performance. But many of us who’ve followed the CFTS system are looking for system intergration that leads to definite, lasting increases in perfromances. i.e. it’s nice I got my blocks and starts down, but how do I break 10.5? Yeah I have a better ab routine via the medball workout, but how come my times are so sporadic?
Is this video another piece of the puzzle or refinement of a working, balanced intergrated system that unquestionably leads to results?

Is this some kind of formal written down information or are you just talking about answering questions about the DVD?

I don’t understand what you are asking. Can you clarify a bit? What kind of product could delivery what you are asking for?

The one that seeks to attain it.

In lifting-WestSide

In Conditioning-BFS, Complete Conditioning for Football

The 40yd dash-The 40 yard Dash-Parsi

Things can easily become a jig-saw puzzle of a map which after you’ve solved, you must navigate.

Huh? What are you talking about exactly.


isnt all the information we receive from here and elsewhwre for that matter a piece of the puzzle that works towards making our athletes better?

The Taper DVD is what was needed for this athlete at this point in time and might be different for a number of given athletes.

like with Charlies seminars he is free with all of his information and programs but stresses the fact “this is not a template, it was for 1 athlete at one particular point in time”.

If you get the chance then make sure you attend one of Charlie’s seminars. My understanding of CFTS expanded more in 2 days than it ever could simply reading and watching the DVD’s. That isn’t to put those other things down you have to make do with what you can get. I find the DVD’s invaluable but I now get more from them with better understanding.

Why is this a DVD and not a download?

When are the rest of the downloads going to be available for purchase again?

This is a very large file and twice as long.

I actually have all my sprinters watch this DVD to make sure they understand some of the technical issues, as well as the importance of rest and recovery leading into a peak performance.

I’m remastering some most of our product, expect the full catalog up and running shortly…within a day or two. We have some great new stuff coming!


I can’t help it if you have to think. Beware of systems that have all the answers for everyone, regardless of talent, level, or individual strengths.

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May be this is a silly question but will the dvd help those not involved directly in track and field but sports such as basketball or soccer?