new programm

Hi all,

because of some new coach in the club we have been discussing the best way to prepare for the summer.

since november i havebeen doing lots of tempo runs and conditioning with and without weights.

For the next training block the programm looks like:

mo speed 2(5x60) rest 2’-8’ with some weights afterwards

thu 2/3x 6x100~150 rest 2’ -8/10’ tempo sub12 on 100

wed tempo real easY +/-3K
thi 2~3x (2x300) rest 200m walk, 6-8’ tempo 40-42sec

fri tempo/conditioning

sat hills/hurdles
sun rest

I just had my first week doing this and it felt good, maybe too good.
yesterday i only did 2x2x300 because my first run was way too fast.

can anyone comment on this, or give some ideas to optimize this programm.

Hi Pindaman,
It’s an interesting program, but as you have written it, the program for 400/400H appears to have some gaps - notably one weights session per week.

It’s hard to offer too much comment when the athletes’ age, training background are unknown, time-line unknown, time-availability of the athletes unknown, and what future training cycles may look like.

As you’ve posted, it looks like a short-to-long program. At this presumably very early stage in the annual cycle the endurance aspects are obviously strongly emphasised. I’m not sure I’d comment further without knowing more about matters mentioned above.

But as you’ve posted it - and imagining where it may be heading toward - your program looks highly promising at face value.
kk :slight_smile:

quote: At this presumably very early stage in the annual cycle the endurance aspects are obviously strongly emphasised…

That is true. still builing but trying to work with relative speed work. So in the next training rounds i’ll be sure to have enough fitness to complete the workouts.
i’ll post some more after next weeks sessions.

thank’s for the input

A blog isnt something for me iguess.
I just dont make enought time to keep it up to date.

But anyway, I’d like to thank evetyone here for their knowledge and helping me understand the trainingmethods and theories.

Personally the concept kitkat shared has done allot for me.
I copied it… but had to alter really quick because i dont have the level required to run al these lovely runs.
also because of doing too much and not listening to my body had me doing alternative work for about 10 weeks before i could compete at a decent level.

I learnt llot this year!!

For next year i hope i can still find the time to train. If i can do that i’'ll use the same concept in preparing for my indoor season. Also i will get some more massages, wich is a bit dependend on my income next year.

for now i would really run a good pb in the 100, get a sub 48 in the 400 and a sub 51 in the 400H. I don’t expect to run them all, but i am sure i’ll get close to archieve these goals.

Then for the winter I would love to work on a low 47 indoors.