New PR since training again

Went to do speed today and it was pouring again so I went straight to the gym.

5 sets of Back squat up to 335 for buried single (New PR since training again!)
3 sets of bench up to 225 for triple
3 sets of bent over rows up to 185 for 6
3 sets each leg reverse leg press

Felt good and strong today, didnt hit my back too hard since I did snatch grip deads on Saturday. Was really happy with the back squat PR as I did it RAW (No belt or wraps, OLY style to the floor)

If things continue along this trend I’ll be strong as an ox come Jan for some decent (hopefully sub 7 second 60 meters!) :slight_smile:


Those are good numbers for your bodyweight! I find box squat much easier than full depth OLY squats, typically I can do 405 comfortably on those. (To parallel)



Your test levels be higher than normal :smiley:

Originally posted by chris30
I am just under 6 foot 1 inches tall and weigh around 197 pounds now. (29 years old)

I am 5’7" 130 lbs, 22yrs old. Last week I box squared 335 for 3 and Bencd 210 for 3… Been having trouble with power cleans (160 for 3). I want to run under 11 (FAT) this summer, but moving home has put stress on training. Was training with a friend at school but school ended.

Well done chris30 :clap:

thanks guys :slight_smile:

hehe no dope for me all natural.
Although I did get into an argument with a guy from work today so that probably elevated the old test.

I was pissed off all afternoon and I attacked the bar during squats!

Going to do some timed sixties in the next couple of days. I’ll let you know how it goes :slight_smile:

I am telling you Charlie’s training system is doing wonders for me and it has only been several weeks. The 3-1-3 program
is awesome! I may surprised myself at my first meet June 14th!


talking about body testosterone levels here :slight_smile:

don’t be surprised you feel flat/weak on the next weights session - always happens to me after I set a PR.

I am just under 6 foot 1 inches tall and weigh around 197 pounds now. (29 years old)

I am trying to get down to about 190 for a competitive raceweight.

I find I need the powerrack when squatting and also need a mirror or I dont feel comfortable. I also dont have a training partner so getting a quality spot is a pain.

I have been fairly consistent with weights over the years but am just getting back into the track work over the past couple of months.

My goals are to run sub 11.30 FAT in the 100meter, get up to 315 pounds on the backsquat for 3-5 reps. (working weight for sets OLY style buried)

Powerclean 275 again and hit 300 again on bench.

I can already feel my legs and my CNS feels pretty cooked too from todays new best.

I have a feeling I wont be doing speed till Thursday most likely. I also did snatch grip deads on the weekend so my lower back is a little cooked too. I might feel great after tempo tomorrow so I’ll have to wait and see.

Thanks again guys,


Chris how tall and how much do you weigh?
Just wondering: How does changing gyms effect your lift? I was lifting at school and since I came home, some of my lifts have dropped 5-10 pounds, my times have dropped since changing tracks.