New Film : The CF Bike Workout

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I am happy to present our latest edition to our film library titled “The CF Bike Workout”. Over 55 minutes in length, Charlie Francis and Angela Coon take you into a great tempo circuit leveraging a stationary bike. This film takes no excuses to a whole new level for $24.99.

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You’ll see that ’ low intensity’ is not the same as easy!

Are you serious? WOW

You’ll see on this film and you can see from the tempo session on the GPP download that, while it spares the CNS from overload, it can still be a hell of a session

Agreed. I’ve done some workouts on the bike before when I was still running track and DAMN we (the sprinters/jumpers/throwers) dreaded those days. Mainly used them when it was raining outside (rarity over here), but they indeed can be quite challenging.

Here is a quote from Dan Pfaff regarding Obadele Thompson:

“Going back to the time when Obadele Thompson had a nerve entrapment in his foot shortly before setting a PB in the 200m, he only did bike workouts for three weeks prior to that! So was his timing and his technique optimal going into that meet? How could they be? He hadn’t been on the ground in three weeks! But his chemistry was probably super optimal because of what we had been doing on the bike, the therapy was spot on and his general strength was really high because he didn’t have anything else to do since he couldn’t run”.


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Could this tempo workout be done on a Schwinn Air-dyne with even better effect?

For those who aren’t familiar, the Air-Dyne is bike that includes push-pull action of the arms and uses wind resistance via a fan. The harder you pedal (and push/pull with the arms) the greater the resistance.

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The nuances of training regarding intensities are missed with social media information in my opinion. It’s one reason it’s important to know and study the material in the areas you wish to train.

If you are struggling with your speed work, perhaps it’s worth looking at your ability to perform simple, low intensity training sessions and see how you feel, recover and see how your low intensity workout is ( or isn’t) facilitating your speed work.

I bought a stationary bike not long after having my son who just turned 23years old. I wanted a treadmill but didnt have the head space in the basement at that time.

The bike, in or outdoors is a great tool to maintain and grab fitness. I’ve used it on grass as well in place of my runs if I am not able to use my feet or my calves are tight or if my foot or feet are giving me trouble.

The bike is not fancy but it has a few features worth paying for if you are able to afford it. If not, any stationary bike works. The bike I have has built in heart rate grips so you don’t need to be wearing a watch or any equipment to pick up the reading during or after or before the training begins. A trained eye will be able to see quickly how hard somehow needs to work to maintain even heart rate and or even effort according to the rpm’s. The tennis players we worked with years ago who were both very talented and successful albeit young had a hard time initially with the workout. Quickly they adapted as there is a specificity to any training but there were many holes in their fitness. The bike allowed each of these athletes to gain fitness off their feet. Depends on you event and goals and sport but the basic ideas of low intensity training are brought to life in this workout. You don’t need peloton unless you want peloton.

Any machine can be used in place of a bike but you need to know and understand what the effect of the intensity of that machine will have in your training. For example, I used an elliptical with intervals for a cross country skier. The same idea of getting on and off the equipment but using what ever you have. The reason I say Achilles tendon issues should not ever be an issue in training is because there are SO many options to prevent tight calves and lower extremity issues. Not everyone who loves sprinting is able to run on grass.