Stormbikes' Training

Thursday Evening - 7pm - Cool
Street Run/Jog

3km - 18:08 i knew it would be tough
tonight after last night’s hard session
at Masters.

Wednesday Evening - 7pm - Cool
Knox Masters
Warmup 400m slow jogging followed by
3 sets of high knees and bum kicks
3 x 30m strides
2 x 15m practice starts

120m - 2nd in 15.75
600/400/200 as part of a relay
1.8kms as a cooldown

Wednesday Evening - 7.15pm - Warm
Knox Masters
The Thousand Steps - 26:17 Pretty slow
but as you all know i’m crap in the heat!

Monday Evening - 8pm - Very Warm
Street Run/Jog
Another struggle in the heat - 3kms 18:40

what is the thousand steps? :confused:

It’s a track up at the National Park in Upper Ferntree Gully. Apparently it is somewhat like the Kokoda Track but around 1000 steps in distance. It is quite steep in places and very tough. The fastest guy did it in 13:50 and me almost twice as long! To do it well requires doing it quite often as it needs fairly specific training for the legs.

Nothing since Wednesday until -

Monday Evening - 6pm - Cool/Mild
5kms around local streets - 34:26
A long time since i’ve tried running
that far so i just wanted to make
sure i finished it.

Tuesday Evening - 6.30pm - Mild to Warm
5km run around local streets - 31:37
Same course as yesterday but about 3mins
quicker and it was warmer - pretty pleased
with that.

Wednesday Evening - 7pm - Very Warm
Knox Masters
Warmup 400m slow jogging followed by
3 sets of high knees and bum kicks
2 x 30m strides
2 x 20m practice starts

120m Hcp - Ran about 15.6 and finished
well back (felt sluggish and uncomfortable
which is understandable given my recent
training and the very warm night.)

5km on the bike track - 29:57 which is
way better than i expected - very pleased

you need to get some kind of mobile cool room, such as an ice-truck…

move to Dunedin, that’ll do it :rolleyes:

Lol if things continue like this i may have to or maybe Taswegia !!

Friday Morning - 6.30am - warmish
5km run same course as before - 33:38
Felt like more of a recovery run and was
a struggle in quite humid weather.

Friday Evening - 7.30pm - Indoors
3 sets of high knees and bum kicks
1 x 70m strides

60m - 6mins - 60m - 6mins - 60m
Run at 95%

Stormbikes, what is your purpose of running the 5ks vs a tempo session like below?

200 +200+400+200
200 +400+200+200
200 +200+200+400
200 +400+200+200

Are you preparing for a 5k race? I used to be distance runner primarily 5K, 5 mile, but have raced marathons and have found any distance conflicts with my speed power goals and I am injured a lot less now…


Hi Charlie - There are a few reasons for it.
I need to get rid of a bit of flab around my
stomach which has snuck up on me recently!
Also i tend to have a problem with endurance
and i would really like to have a good go at
getting under 60s for my 400. I probably won’t
always be doing 5k runs but currently i’m just
shocking my system into something different.
You will see more 400 type sessions mixed in
with other stuff but endurance is my weakness!
I have tried lots of different ways of training
but usually don’t follow through properly with
them so who knows!
I also need to keep myself motivated by trying
different things every so often and recently
have become a little tired of just sprint training.
I do sometimes do tempo sessions just not recently.

Saturday Evening - 7pm - Mild
Some upper body work mixed in with -
3 sets of high knees and bum kicks
1 x 70m strides

300m - 30secs - 100m
(fast relaxed - then 95%)

I understand what you write about the flab, I have used longer distances (running and cycling) in the past to keep it off, but usually at a price in overall energy levels and injuries. I am experimenting myself with the right mix.

Good luck!

this could be the mantra of Masters athletes! :stuck_out_tongue:

I think so!!

Sunday Afternoon - 2pm - Cool
Warmup 500m slow jogging pace then

5 x 120m hills (12degs) jog back
1km slow jog
300m fast relaxed
300m walk
60m flat out
200 walk to cooldown

Quite a hard session

Monday Morning - 6.15am - Cool
5kms - 32:58 that is all

Saturday - 7.30pm - Cool
Treadmill Session
3 sets of high knees and bum kicks
1 x 70m strides

60m - 6mins - 60m - 6mins - 60m
run at 95% TM set at 12degs incline

First training session of any kind since
Monday morning. Have been very
tired possibly caused by several 5km
runs recently.