New Film : Rest & Recovery

Our second film in our new lecture series titled “Rest & Recovery” is ready to ship. As such, we require 5 reviewers.

Please private message me for more details.

Thank you


below is the last line of my review

If you want to compete at your best this is a must have!

Thanks and I hope you’ll put the info in here to good use.

Rest and Recovery is now shipping and for a limited time save 17% off!

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DEFINITELY, as per my journal…

I watched it again tonight and worked out a specific block for me that I can apply next week following my last race on Sunday then back into GPP, now I couldn’t have done that without the movie I would have gone hmm I’ll play it by ear over a week or a week and a half or maybe 2 weeks …now I actually have a recovery plan that should see me set to go.