New CF Book, In Print


What is the name of this book, I’d like to have a copy.

As for this product, its looking really tight. For those that have Forum Review “Part A” , this conclusion will leave you very satisfied.

Watch for a giveaway to happen soon for those who manage a Training Journal with us. Charlie will pick the winners!


You’ll be thanking us for selling this book to you!



is this available to all countries?


I received your email, and had some further questions. Sent another your way.



It is available to all countries.



Thank you to those who got their orders in early, we will begin shipping this week.

Hi All

Just got this in. Its getting very close now. Note this is a sample.

“Bullet” Bob Hayes 62
30 m acceleration 18
400 Meter Hurdles 96
About this manual 2
Acknowledgements 2
Aerobic Work 13
Arm Action in General 4
Arm Action in Sprinting 4
Ben Johnson 40m Times 6
Ben Johnson’s History 7
Block Angles 5
Building Special Endurance 14
Burnout at the last 30m 8
Canadians and Sports 73
Carb Intake 51
Carry Over and Fitness 14
Center of gravity 75
Cheat Meals 49
CNS Recovery 22
CNS Recovery II 23
Common Faults 91
Competition and CNS fatigue 25
Contaminated Supplements 39
Control of CNS stimulation 24
Converting Strength into Sprinting 27
Demands of the various positions 57
Double Sessions 29
EMS applied to Trigger Point 71
EMS the day of a meet? 71
Fastest 40 Yard times in Football 55
Fluctuations in Special Endurance 53
Foot placement 80
Football Quarterbacks 56
Front Side Mechanics 78
General Posture 85
Ground support forces 32
Ham String Injury 76
Heart Rate during Tempo Workouts 95
heightened CNS response 30
Hematocrit Levels 101
Hit & Football Training 54
HIT in Football 53
Hypertrophy Work 27
Improving SSC 76
Inter-rep recovery 68
Interval Training 97
IOC and Testosterone 98
Jacques Piasenta 86
Long Jump Accelerations 77
Lower Abdominal Strains 102
Mark McKoy 77
Massage for Tightness 70
Metabolic Diet 50
Micro stretching 63
Mineral absorption 43
More on Injury 97
More Westside! 34
National Archive 1
Nervous system supplements 44
Neural Patterning/Flying 20’s 103
NO2 45
On Coaching 77
Over Speed training for Football 56
Over-training in the NFL 60
Peaking during the indoor season 99
Performance Adjustment 78
Power Endurance 20
Power vs. Max Strength Training 33
Program Design Changes 98
SE Requirements for Football 51
Sleep 68
Special Endurance 17
Speed Endurance 16
Spiking Insulin 49
Sprint Technique 9
Starting GPP 94
Tempo Work 35
Tempo Work Barefoot 36
The Purpose of SPE for 100m 18
Phases 81
Varying High Intensity 82
Vertical Force Fatigue 21, 84
Volume work in spikes 37
Warm Ups 67
Weight Training 28
When to Dorsiflex? 10
Wind Assist vs. Towing 85
Zinc and Magnesium 47

Order a signed copy today


This project is no joke…thanks for the efforts.

I haven’t seen the book yet, but last Thursday when Charlie, Rupert and I were driving back from the Playboy Party ( :smiley: ) Rupert was telling Charlie that the final product really exceeded expectations. So, I’m looking forward to getting a copy myself.

That’s a sick list!

Well, I order mine yesterday. If it’s anything like the first then I’ll have nothing to worry about! I didn’t just read the first one I ABUSED it :eek: ! Front to back, backt to front. Great tool! I’ll be waiting by the front door for the mailman to arrive :stuck_out_tongue: .


Update: The sample copy is coming today. A few changes and we’ll be shipping.

Thank you


Any updates on when the Forum Review Final book is shipping?

Can’t wait! :smiley:

The book is now complete. Signed copies are now sold out, for those that got in early…thank you so much for your support.

Everyone who did buy a copy through the website will be getting their tracking numbers shortly. Stay tuned.


Awesome! Thanks Rupert for the update.


My last changes were signed off this morning, our last pre-final had a few last minute changes & corrections.

The good news is that we were able to get more content into this book.

Customers will be receiving their orders the week of the 26th.

Sorry for the delay all, we had a late sign off which pushed our delivery date back.

The good news is that its DONE, no more changes.

Your order status will change from pending to complete/shipped once your order has tracking info and has left Toronto, this info will be sent to you via email.

Questions can be sent to if further information is required.

Thanks all


Has book shipping begun?

Labman, Members

All orders are shipped. Those who got in early got a bonus with their order…thanks to all!


Thank you for sending the information.


Will we get tracking numbers via email? If not what’s the ETA on shipping to the U.S.?


Books for our friends in the USA should start arriving this week.