New CF Book, In Print

Hi Members

As promised, our book is shipping on or before Friday April 29th 2002. This is project is our last installment in the 2002 Forum Series and covers much in many areas.

Please find more on the book here.



I have the 2002 Forum e book. Are you saying that this new book has extra stuff in it?

This is the last installment of the series, new content…same look and feel but in print. This is not an ebook.

The whole year 2002 in that book? Are you working on 2003 forum review?


Both books will complete the year…they are complimentary of each other.

so this book is bascially the best posts from the board?

this book is the same that had to be published for Christmas?
sorry for the question but i am interested for that book


Just buy the book…you’ll be glad you did. Seriously, thats all i can say. I cant read it to you because its too long!

To go over it again,

The first forum review 2002 was completed with the intent that there would be 2, not 1 edition. We never got to finish the second book. As my message stated, this is the last installment for 2002.

BY comparison, the 2003 review is 3 books in size.

Hope this helps


I just wanna make sure before I put my hard earned money into it that it’s not just random forum posts but actual theory

It will be answers to more in depth forum questions in a question and answer format. Posts are grouped into sections. Probably material that is not covered in any of the other resources or additional detail.

This is a very tight product, as TC states it is broken out by subject matter. The material was always intended to be finished, now its finished.


Tempo Work
Sprint Technique
…and much more.

Hope this helps. When you see the book, you’ll be thanking me.



On occassion I come up with copies of those 2 books. At this time, I dont have any available. Note that I post when I have them.

On the note of 2002 Final, its a great read. We sent out a few evaluation copies and the feedback has been great.

I’ll try to get some sample screen shots/downloads for you all to check out when I get a copy myself.


OT, but will there ever be a chance for Ben to post here or do an interview here or anything?

Ben visits the site often. As for this book, Ben appears in 1 page.

Hope this helps


Cf Books Are A Must. I Am Going To Get All Of Them.


OK, I’m an idiot, I can’t find where to enable my PM ability.

I’m interested in the Speed Trap book, what is the quality of the edition?

Second question, which I hate to put forth in a public forum(demonstrating again my ignorance) is what the he** is an e-book?



Check google for what an ebook is, this thread isnt for this!

If you cant use PM’s, send an email to “”.


email sent, thanks


I sent a reply over, did you get it? On that note, if anyone has any questions just direct them to the pre-sales thread.

Note: Got the editors proof back for the book today…in a word…Sparkling!



Cool! Get mine signed and in the post ASAP!

Looking forward to some new info and the chance to decipher the hidden meaning behind Charlie’s handwriting (I picked up a book second hand for 30p that apparently reveals all!) :smiley: