Neurotransmiter Support And Localized Cns Fatigue

we all talk about CNS fatigue and how the CNS need rest to recover. But what are the factors that determine CNS fatigue? It is my understanding that CNS function is primailty biological and that the CNS becomes depleted only when neurotransmitter levels are depleted. Neurotransmitters are composed of aminoacids and other chemicals just as everything else in the body is. If so then would it be safe to say that if properly supported the CNS recovery from taxing physical excercise would depend on proper nutrition and abosorption rate of those vital chemicals which are the basis for neurotransmiters.
also is CNS fatigue a localized fatigue or is it fully encompassing of the human body. For example if you max in the bench press and your CNS is now depleted becasue of the given exertion, would the effects carry over to other excercises such as the squat or sprints?


I’m not sure about some of the stuff, but I know that the CNS fatigue from max in the bench press will carry over to other activites (unless we are talking an extremely low volume, such as less than 3 total reps 1x). This is why Charlie used the Bench Press to keep the CNS firing without overworking your legs.

I can’t remember the exact study off of the top of my head, but check out the ‘Central Governer Theory’ and the brain. I think this will be right up your ally in regards to neural fatigue.

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As I understand it there is no such thing as ‘local’ CNS fatigue

Their is nervous system fatigue related to local neuromusclar junctions and then also the overall CNS fatigue. Here is a good article powerman wrote on local neural fatigue:

CNS fatigue must have some subjective aspects as well as physiological. Neurotransmitters don’t easily get depleted without a fairly quick recyle. On the subjective note – think of how easy it is to fatigue doing something you hate vs. something you love to do. Attitude has a big role.

Nutritionally tyrosine or acetyltyrosine are the precursors to dopamine and a variety of choline supplements are precursors to acetylcholine. These are two major contributors to the CNS aspects of explosive exercise. But there are other contributing nutritional aspects as well including the overall diet.

In young women their cycle can influence neurotransmitters in conjunction with the diet.

There is a central aspect to it as well as a peripheral. We have all had days where our brain was out to lunch, but the body was performing well and vice versa

I find that CNS fatigue and recovery is a little unclear in my mind also. I have been on to try and find some more information in terms of time required for the CNS to recover. I have read between 48 hours and 10 days. Is this based solely on experience, or have there been any studies carried out to support this notion? I ask partly out of interest, and partly because it is going to help me with my physiology assignment. Any help will be greatly appreciated!!! Please guys??

There is loads of info on other threads …

Regarding CNS literature searches … won’t reveal much really, been there, done that.

Nerves also require a constant supply of Carbs for energy. A low carb diet and high exercise plan (for sports not weight loss) will leave you depleted. The CNS cannot store carbs for later use unlike other areas of the body.