Need to find something

Sports fans!!

recently i was reading a weight program (16 weeks i think) it was something like 8 x 2 with 1min recovery. I wanted to give it a try but i can’t find it again. It said that the weight goes up 2.5kg but im unsure if it is every session or every week.

Does anybody know where i could find it or know more about it?



whats ur weighs program like now?

Im doing three exercises bench, squat and clean two times a week.

Sets are
1 x 6 @ 80%
1 x 4 @ 95%
1 x 2 @ 100%
1 x 1 @ PB

Seems to work but I have hit a massive plataue and haven’t improved in the last 12 months.

I tried last off season 4 x 6 for 5 months before going into the above program

You’re maxing out every session? May be way you are hitting a plateau… That’s pretty hard on the nervous system if you’re doing that twice a week, on top of other things… Sounds a bit like Westside Max Effort, but if you’re doing three exercises hitting a PB every session in each exercise TWICE a week may be a bit tough after a while… So far from what you’ve said that’s what I can offer; what other things on top of weights are you doing?

hey man,
first remember cleans take alot out of you.
like what wrcortse said, its not the best idea going for a pb every session, remember if you do a pb u need to recover from that, just like on the track.
try doing 80-95% and going for a max every 4 weeks. as a gereral!
i pretty much keep to a standard 3X5 but all depends how high i go on the weights on that particular session, which can depend on lots of things like how much the track session took out of me. so sometimes i go.
1X5 80%
1X3 85-90%
1x2 95%

Try the Westside Barbell site. 8x2 w/1min rest sounds like an example of there dynamic squat day.