Need Help on Sprint Training!!! plz.

Hey, im new to this site, I am 15 years old and a sophmore in High School, this is my first year ever running track(because i didnt want to play baseball) and so far i have broken my school record in the 100m and 200m dashes, I ran a 10.97 100 and a 22.2 200, Now track is the sport i want to concentrate on tha most. I need help developing an off season training program, but i am afraid i will get to bulky ( Im 5’8’ and 170 lbs) (7% body fat)

I was thinking my workout should be…

Day 1 - Weights

Day 2 - track work

Day 3 - Hill Sprints & Overspeed training

Day 4 - rest

Then repeat the cycle

someone please help me with this, give me any thought you might have, and how can i prevent gettting to bulky to run at my best potential and still get stronger…???


please read around the site, i am willing to bet no one here will concur with that set up, but plz look at the training logs of Chris3868, and just look around in general in the strength and sprint training forum, repost, then we can help better, as for weight dont worry about it, do a proper sprint and strength program along with a decently clean diet and your weight will settle itself out