Need help in making my 400m Program?

I am currently working on trying to make a 400m/200m program for myself, and would like to get some assistance from people experienced with the 400m. 200m will be secondary to the 400m. I’m 17, and plan on running unnattached finally this season, because…well long story.

So, a track season is seperated into three phases, a GPP, and SPP1, and a SPP2. So, I would first like to get help on making the GPP part first, then move on to the next phases.

Here is a chart for GPP:

Sun: High intensity; weights
Mon: Low intensity; abs
Tues: Rest
Wed: High intensity; weights
Thurs: Low intensity; abs
Fri: High intensity; weights
Sat: Rest

Now, for an automatic, I know I cant do any training on Saturday, due to my job that I have on Saturdays. Now, I could either put the second rest on Sunday, or Tuesday. Someone recommended Tuesday to spread the rest days. Now, I thing that GPP should build an endurance base (correct me if I’m wrong). Also, I believe the high intensity then low intensity patterning works out good as well. High intensity being Special endurance, speed endurance, etc. and low intensity being tempo (70% of best). I would also do weight on high intensity days.

So, my question to those with experience in making schedules is, what would you recommend I do for my GPP phases in the high intensity and low intensity sessions? Thats all I need help with, everything else (weight, abs), I know what to do. I also assume GPP should be 6 weeks long.

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Good luck with your training!