Need help finding open meets?

I’m currently in High school, a junior, and I have a feeling I may have to run unattached this year. I went to one high school freshman year, and transferred out of that school my sophomore year. The coaches at my old high school were pretty good and seemed to know what they were doing, but this one doesn’t really know much about track, he’s a football coach, and whats worse, is the guy has an “authoritarian” type of attitude. He not too bad, but you can tell a little. He has also promoted in stealing of batons from my old high school, I don’t really like the dude or his morals, but lets get to the point.

Last season, at my newer high school, I didn’t get proper training, and my season didn’t go as well as I would like. I tried to train myself, but this coach, didn’t want that. I was later in the season able to, with a program set up by my old coach, but it was too late to help that much. So this season, I will either train with my old school, and run for this current school, practice on my own at this current school, having full control of my training, and run for this current school or run unattached. I talked to my old coach, and he said it would be fine to train with them.

But I would like to know where can I could find unattached meets that I could run in just in I’m unable to do the first two ways? I’ve found classic meets in south carolina, and it seems I may have to travel a little too, as in other states, to go unattached, and get enough meets. Also, I live in south carolina. So anyone know of any websites that list track meets, that would be helpful. Thanks for any help. I’ve already found 8 unattached meets, but would like to see if I can find more, so I can have more to select from.

And also, if anyone knows any good way to persuade this guy to let me train with my old school, that would be helpful to, I’m not lying to the guy, but I would like to see this season go well.

I would suggest going to the athletic websites of every area college or university. There should be several in your area.

Where is ya? What state?

South Carolina.

Check USC’s, and Clemson’s athletic (track and field) website. Also, if you’re willing to drive to North Carolina, UNC Chapel Hill will host a few good indoor meets. Check their website(s)…

They would let a high schooler run in these college meets? Is there age limits, or does open college meets let anyone good enough to the meets? I’m also looking for meets between Febuary-May. I doubt indoor meets will be held then.

If you run unattached it shouldn’t be a problem for the open meets. Some meets might have limitations. There are a few indoor meets in February. There are also outdoor meets at the aforementioned schools. Check the website and contact the coaches for further details…