Need guidance

can i do 12 weeks of speed training? Because am currenting playin football and when that is over i’ll have exactly 12 weeks before track season starts. I consider football as my general fitness.

Yeah. Why not? Just start off with acc. dev. and then build into MaxV and short speed. You can’t start off with MaxV and short speed because you 1) aren’t in “track” shape though you have an aerobic base and 2) you will peak too early and not see the results you want.

Train through some of the early meets. They’re not worth it. Save yourself for the big meets at the end.

whats the different between acc. dev , MAxV and short speed

Here’s my definitions but most people disagree. They work for me.

Acc. Dev. - Reps of 10-30m at full speed with volume no higher than 200-300m.

MaxV - Reps are weird. Usually sprint-float-sprints and flying sprints are maxV reps. You usually can only be full out sprinting only like 20m or so. Volumes are about the same as acc. dev.

Short Speed - Reps of 30-60m at full speed with volume much higher…200-600m.

You should start with acc. dev., go to maxV and then do Short Speed during Pre-Comp./Comp./Peak phases.

So, would 4 weeks of acc dev.=4 weeks of maxv = then short speed be ok?

Thanks, keep it coming : )

Typically no. Usually you’d do Acc. Dev. during GPP, maxV during SPP and short speed during Pre-Comp./Comp./Peak phases maybe throwing in a maxV day once in awhile if/as needed.

So, whats the week range to complete all three phases

Also, can “cold” is to cold to run???

GPP - 4-6 weeks, sometimes as high as 8. Mesos usually run in 4s so either do 3-1(3-1) or just a 6 week “loading” phase where everything builds on itself gradually and you really don’t unload, yet you don’t overstress yourself either.

SPP - 8-12 weeks

Pre-Comp. - 8-12 weeks

Comp./Peak - As needed

Also, can “cold” is to cold to run???

What does this mean?

In the winter can i still train outside

There’s no reason why not except maybe to get familiar with an extra turn. I would go outside if I could.