Need Equipment Verification/Identification please???...

Hi, Could anyone please confirm the exact identity of the fitness equipment being used in the photo’s below for me & any other names it may go by. Its a peice I’m hoping to add to my gym.

Please Reply, Kind Regards.

Are you wanting to use that bench to do reverse hypers like in the picture? Or for doing actual back extensions?

If for reverse hypers, why not just use a table, box, raised bench? It’d be much cheaper just to make a big box or table if this is all you’re going to use it for.

If you want to do back extensions, I prefer a 45 degree back extension to one of these, especially since this one doesn’t have a footplate. At the top, you may slide back. Of course someone could just hold your feet.

That looks like a PowerLine roman chair. It might not be that brand but it’s damned close.

Looks like a typical economical back extension piece to me.

Hey adbrauner, Yes I intially thought about using it for reverse hypers. I actually have a mulitgym in my room which has a low-pulley system at the bottom & then placing my feet through a strap, illustrated/demonstrated in the picture below.

I was thinking about having the table instead (cheapskate) but they don’t have the handles to place my hands on to get ultimate purchase out of the weight and that is something I desperately need.

What you reckon???..

Damn & I have just realised, how will the wire on the low pulley system get past the leg supports of the Roman Chair/Back HyperExtension gym equipment as they both run down the center. :mad: It would mean me performing hypers a little off center (towards one side), which can’t be good.

I just think, if you’re not gonna get the real thing, then there’s no point in spending over even 50 dollars just do to an exercise that’s not gonna be as good and maybe a pain in the ass to setup. It’s just an exercise. Even if you’re a lifter, reverse hypers won’t make or break your training. You’d be better served saving up for some quality equipment. The MPX reverse hyper fund.

If you have a table though, you can take a regular belt, put it through some 25 pound plates (I’m not sure if 45s will hit the ground or not?) then wrap the belt around your ankles, then back through the plates (so its like a figure 8 around your ankles with the middle through the plates) and buckle it. So now you have resistance similar to the real RH (greatest at the top) and not constant like it would be with a pulley system.

Nothing beats a real RH though.

As a matter of fact, would anyone happen to know what peice of gym equipment the guy below is laying on which looks like some sort of stool to perform his hypers??.. That might be better.

At a guess at to whats its called, it would be called after what it does, so.
A reverse hyper machine…

Would be easy to weld up if you cant find one to buy. Then you could add handles like you want.