need advice

Hey guys,
I’m trying to get in shape for intramural soccer coming up this sqpring (I’m just a recreation athlete) and I’ve created a program that follows along the CFTS structure. A little bit about me… I weigh 215 lbs total with 20% bodyfat and 171 lbs of lean muscle mass. My maxxes: wide-stance squat - 315, olympic squat - 255, bench - 215, cleans - 115 (lb) & deadlift - 335.

Anyway, I’ve just started following this format:

Day 1 - CNS Intensive Day
Warm-Up - (jogging 800m, light stretching, calisthenics)

Sprints - 6x30m, 5x60m, 4x90m (instead of full recovery between sprints, i walk the length i just sprinted and then immediately start sprinting again)

Weights (upper body)
supersets bench (8x3 reph scheme where i increase the weight by 10 lb every 2 sets) with db rows (also 8x3)

Cuban Rotation 3x5
Laying Palms-Up Lat Raise 3x5

Cool-down - static stretching involving hams, quads, abductors, adductors, lower & upper back, and obliques

Day 2 - Tempo

set 1: 100+100+100 (+ means walking 50 meters & 100 meter walk in between sets)
set 2: 100+200+100+100
set 3: 100+100+200+200
set 4: 100+200+100+100
set 5: 100+100+100


Day 3 - Rest (20 min efx)

Day 4 - CNS Intensive Day

Weights (lower body)
olympic squat supersetted with db hyperextension
db decline sit-ups
db oblique twists


Day 5 - Tempo

Day 6 - Speed Endurance

Day 7 - Rest

I also want to know about my diet. On non-weightlifting days (except speed endurance), I cassume 2096 calories with 36 grams of fat, 194 grams of carbs, and 267 grams of protein. On weightlifting days & speed endurance, I consume 2572 calories, 54 grams of fat, 259 grams of carbohydrates, and 286 grams of protein. Keep in mind that I weight 215 with 171 lbs of lean muscle mass.

So what do you think guys? Does this look good? Should I be eating more or less?


Do a search on soccer, and you’ll see that there’s no need for speed endurance training. Why not full recoveries between sprint reps? Don’t try to mix speed and endurance, train one or the other, and in your case, you’d want to train speed (use full recoveries).

until i get my breath back again? the fire in my legs (after sets of 60m and 90m) starts to dwindle?

me right now:
215 lbs
20% bodyfat
170 lean muscle mass

200 lbs
10% bodyfat
170 lbs lean muscle mass

weightlifting/speed days
calories: 2572
fat (grams): 54
carbs: 259
protein: 286

tempo/off days:
calories: 2096
fat: 36
carbs: 194
protein: 267