nearly 200 steps

as you can tell by now I look to decorate the title of the thread a bit.

Three times now that I have shown Qmilers in particualr (among others) how to step down while sprinting; 3 times have they been fascinated with the results; 3 times have they asked:
Do I have to do this all the way around?

What should be my response to them.

In advance, the “lac” thread does not address this specifically.
What say you…KK,TC,CF, PJ, Herb( etc)

if they dont Step down, what will happen to there form, and there speed? That should give you the answer.

If your technique is ideal and you aren’t cutting off your stride, you should find it easier, not harder! Sounds like these athletes are chopping their strides.

What do you mean by, chopping their strides? do you mean not raising the knees high enough? keeping the knees really low and droping the leg far too early??

CF, I am inclined to agree, and that is what some have pointed out in terms of what it feels like. “Feels like my knees are not high enough” to be exact.

WHen you watch them though there is a noticeable diffeerence in the lift of the knee.

Now you are saying what they are saying and the buck lands at my feet. HOw do I know when they are cycling thru fully. What is my CUE as a coach?

I mean not letting the stride complete itself. You are chopping when you cut off the stride anywhere in order t make the turnover quicker. The stride must be natural and rythmic.

Often people feel like the knee is high when it rises above the hip, which is obviously bad news because it forces the hip to drop. A good and effective stride allow optimal hip height and relaxation. Often the feeling that the knees aren’t high enough comes from the fact that you hardly need to do anything to raise the knees if your technique is right! Optimal knee height is when the knee is at the farthest point away (forward) from the hip.

thanks CF.
I am leaving for vacation this week so I may get to work with a couple sprinters before I leave. Either way, I will work with what you have given and give you an update.

Hey CF. Just an update. What I am noticing is that once I tell them to step down after full stride cycle (or optimal knee height) some are working it. But this is like tearing down a wall in an old house. This only exposes other deficiencies; namely hip strength. But it is good. One girl can hold it together for about 30-40m then she goes back to heel-toe running and low hips like she did last year. I am still working on it.