NCAA workouts

What do you guys think about these workouts for a short sprinter, they have conference this Fri/Sat:

3x150 fly in 17-18sec
Exchange work

1x30 start
2x flys 20-40 or over speed
1x20 single leg bound starts
2x flys 20-40
1x20 single leg bound starts

Exchange work
3x60 light acc

Exchange work
Light strides

Fri/Sat: pre/finals

Long sprinters:

1x300 at pace
1x200 at pace + 125m
75m recovery
2x100 strides

2xflys 20-40
1x30sec arm bands
2xflys 20-60

2x in/out 20-25-30
1x200 24-25

1x60 curve
4x400 exchange work

The Tuesday with flys or overspeed is a MAJOR CNS stressor, and too close to the race for my taste: Maybe if you do it Monday and something like 3X30+80 on Wed. In a race week, I don’t think I’d follow flys/OS after Monday with anything more than tempo, or starts, or just a warmup. Not even easy accels. And if this is a championship type meet…well, compare with the last 5-7 days of Charlie’s 10-day taper.

Let us know how it works out.

No way!! They are not my workouts, they were sent to me from a coach.

Whatever team is doing it, I mean

I been trying to sell the school on your system but the coach is so stubborn. They have a national rank 400m runner and 4x400 relay but short sprinters suck.

Honestly, these look like the kinds of workouts that make you go “eh, that’s not very good” then their team comes out and kicks your ass. What is this, Lincoln’s program or something?

Best 400m runner pulled his hamstring yesterday. 4x400 went 3:14 without best guy.

If the 4x400 prelims are on Thursday and finals on Friday do you guys think it would be too much to do 3x150’s at 16-17sec full rec on Sunday. BTW the athletes had a race lastnight and ran 3.13 and did a short shakeout today.

Thur: 4x4 PB
Fri: shakeout
Sat: rest
Sun: 3x150 16-17 FR
Mon: 8x100 tempo 17sec walk back
Tue: travel
Wed: warmup
Thur: prelims
Sat: finals

Hello Charlie and forum members, the 4x4 group did 8x100’s tempo today, what would you do on Tue and Wed? They are flying out Wed morning, I was thinking rest Tue, warm-up Wed, and prelims Thur.

Sounds good to me

The coach is nervous to do it my way because he has always done something fast 2 days out. I told him the work has been done and now it’s all about staying sharp and recovery.