NCAA Monster Stimuli?

Thinking of all these 200 metre cats this year and their tremendous performances brought me to ponder something regarding the X-man. Does anybody out there think that maybe the whole 4 days of the NCAA, which was 31 days before the crazy 19.63 in lausanne, may have proved to be a monster stimulus for X-man. For those 4 days he was running 100’s and 400’s at or just below 100%. Then he had a 26 day break until his 100 in lucerne switzerland, which may have been to refresh his CNS or lay down the pace for the 200 in the days to come. Then 6 days later the top 200 time run since 10 years prior.

Or may it just have been because it was X-man’s debut on the circuit and he just signed with nike that there was no way he was coming 2nd to anyone regardless of what they were about to run.

Just wondering about others opinions.

Anyone have any insights on what he may have done during that 26 day lay-off.

CF just made this point about another athlete in another thread – don’t feel like searching for it now.