NBA Player Bench

Does anyone know how much a NBA player can bench ? and squat ?

312.5, 401.8

bench - between 135 and 500

squat - between 200 and 750


what delldell said.

What tha F…
take a look below:

"Shaq can press more than 1000 lbs ( Leg Press ). His strength and conditioning coach, Jim Cotta was quoted on the “Health and Inspiration” website as saying “I’m not trying to kill him, but we need to go heavy enough to get something out of it.”

“When [Shaq] first came into the league,” says Jim Cotta, the Lakers’ strength and conditioning coach, “he might have been around 285 [pounds] and now he’s up around 325. But his body fat is low for somebody close to 330 pounds; it has stayed around 11 to 12 percent.” Like several other NBA veterans on the team (J. R. Reid, Derek Harper, Derek Fisher, Rick Fox), Shaq understands the critical role his training plays in keeping him in the game.

You didn’t know that once you get too strong for your trainer to load the bar you should graduate to wobble board exercises?


That’s hilarious, delldell

That workout looks stupid, bodybuilding is ok but why so much calf work? In shaq’s book he blasts the trainers and strength coaches for being pathetic. :mad:

The abdominal tear was an interesting political problem…I am not going to ask about the avatar!

Ben Wallace benches 460. I haven’t heard too much on power snatch numbers, full squats, etc…

The image at the bottom of this page is brilliant!

What a waste!! Get in the squat rack, throw 4 pies on each side and do 8 sets of singles (ass to grass squats) in under 2.5 seconds for each rep. Throw the swiss ball in the dumpster.
Here is an article on a shot putter who has a 39" standing vertical. This should give you an idea of the strength necessary to run fast and jump high.

okay i watched the nba draft…
(6’10) okafor benched 185 20 some times
(6’7) shaun livingston benched 185 0 times (got stuck at the bottom of 180)
(6’11) dwight howard did it 7 or 8 times

these are horrible results for professional basketabll players (even though they are rookies) BUT one thing to remember!! these guys have huge arm lengths (livingston is 6’7 but has a 7’0 wing span@185 lbs) which requires them to only bench minimum amounts due to the long distance to bench it in comparison to compeitive benchers who are short and short armed.

i know some of these people stuck uip for these guys by saying they dont weight a whole lot so they shouldnt be able to bench that much…f…i only weigh 173 and i bench 215 so what the hell? and im thinner than most of those guys lol…

im sure they arent too concerned with their bench press numbers, fact is basketball is a sport dependant on skill, and those guys can flat out play, would added strength hurt them? hell no itd probably make them better, but is it a requirement, nope…

Its fortunate that LA Lakers players are massively talented cause there Strength and conditioning programs look like body building workouts. Its no surprise the Lakers looked slow, & heavy against Detroit.

Those db’s look like 12’s to me!

Large increases in bench press strength have been known to alter some player’s shooting mechanics.My bench went up about 20kg in 5 weeks and my shooting really suffered for a couple of months.I would never attempt to bring a player’s bench up in a short period of time and eccentrics and iso would be suicide in season.BTW MJ benched 120kgx3-4 in one of his videos (I think)

True - Any heavy strength training will affect shooting skills, therefore limiting extentsive heavy lifting to post and pre season should allow the skill patterns to develop un affceted

According to many top commentators MJ was one of the strongest in the league across the board, even at only 6’6".

Does anyone know how much could MJ squat(I have a Michael Jordan fixation :))

You are looking at the clasic undertrained athlete. You could look at a weigh room and get these guys stronger. Fact is that the NBA athlete is on a contract that is payable based on the ability to play the game. I know for a fact most NBA programs do not even do a fitness test. The players simply would not do it. Hell T-Mac (just got traded) would not run a conditioning test for an 80k bonus while with the Raptors. So if they are body building at least they are in the gym. Most of the athletes (NBA) do not have the functional strength to do an intermediate strength program better yet a program that will actually get them stronger.