Naming an exercise

I am looking for a better name for what are commonly known as “girl” pushups. Anyone got any suggestions, other than “knee-pushups”? Thanks.

Herb pushups? :stuck_out_tongue:

pussyups, hoeups

Herb pushups sounds cool.

i’ve heard it refered to as modified push up…but ‘modified’ could mean anything… whats wrong with ‘knee push ups’?


“weaklings” could be an option?
i think its pretty universial that they are called “girl push ups”
even people who dont exercise, seem to know how to do em and what they are!

The progression I use is below;

Beginner Push Ups
Intermediate Push Ups
Regular Pushups

Could always add modified into the words Push Ups.

Why specifically do you want a name change? I doubt that weakling pushups would fit the bill…

I think this is best but Herb Pushups would also work.

I like ‘beginner push ups’
definutely easier on the ego for a boy than to tell him to do ‘girl’ push ups