Charlie…i ll be happy if u helped me sort out tht:i ran a 100 m and i analyzed them into 10 splits and i drew a graph…well i accelerated,reached top speed started deceleration then now the curvve comes up again to approach my top speeed then down then once more up then down to the finish line…i really want to know wht happens??? it is as if evry 10 m after my top speed a booster comes then just fades away comes then fades away

I’d love to get an answer for that from Charlie as well. What would make an athlete do that??

how did you time it?

I have 3 possible explanations. 1) Probably has to do with your breathing pattern during the race. 2) You were paying too much attention to runners beside you and not your own running so you were stepping it up and down based on what you were seeing around you. 3) You got tight for a part of the race and then managed to relax again (unlikely unless you’re very experienced).

i was runing alone…this was a test i did in my recovery weeek…and i cant get wht u mean by the eefect of the breathing pattern

Timing. Unless all these splits are electronically timed, or perhaps with a camera, that’s the first place I would look.

I asked flying duck that question through a private question and he told me they were timed using a Camera. Using a frame method which is quite accurate.

yes they were timed tht way as fast11_12 mentioned…