my training program

hey everybody i am a new member here, this is my workout program for the summer…any ideas/suggestions will be greatly appreciated

monday - wightroom - leg training, ab training

tues - weightroom - upper body, track - 5 x 200 pickup, 4 x 30m starts

wedn - swimming (for endurace)

thurs - weightroom upper body, track - 3 x 300, 5 long jumps focusing on technique

fri - weightroom leg workout, ab workout, 25 min jog

sat - sprint stuff/blocks, swim

by the way i am high school athlete i run 100, 200 and do long jump i might do occasional 400 next year

also i am 5’11, 175

anything u guys wanna add?

welcome to the forum…
Here is my main critisism that must be changed.
Technique work always come first in a training seassion. You need to be fresh in order to complete that type of task efficently.
So hanving said that, on Tuesday do your 30 meter starts before your 300’s. And on Thursdays do you technique long jumps before your workout.
And personally i like to lift after my speed sessions. But it all depends how much rest you are taking between lifting and running.


i have found and benn told by many trainers and coaches to seperrate lifting days. like lift mon wed fri not back to back. recovery is just as important working out

ya its true but i dont really get tired from lifting