My strength program for 200m and 2008 olympic trials

Track and Field Plan:

For 200m

– pb 21.82 this year. I initially started out training for the 400m but ran a lot of meets and not very fast (lots of low 50’s high 49;s about 10 races) and didn’t start training at all until January. Ran 6 200m, 22.62, 22.36, 22.30, 21.86, 21.93 and 21.82. and 3 100m 11.46, 11.17, 10.96. Im hoping to get my 100m time down to 10.7’s next year training for the shorter sprints and hopefully some fast 200’s will follow.

Below is my weight training program I designed, any critique would be awesome as I am relitivly uneducated in this and haven’t trained for the shorter sprints for 3 years. Thanks!

Monday July 23 – Sunday September 16

Monday - Snatches and Cleans
Wednesday – upper body – bench, shoulder press, rows
Friday – lower – squats (switch type weekly) , deadlift, hamstring curls

Start with lighter weight for more sets (3-4 sets of 6-12 mixing it up every 10 sessions) and gradually build to 4-5 sets of 2-5 reps.

Tuesday – light cardio
Thursday – light cardio
Saturday – light cardio

Everyday – 10 minute ab circuit 45 sec on 15 sec off 3 days a week and then move up to only 5 days a week

My thoughts are I want to do general lifting and start off light with good technique and then when we start having practices again in mid sept ill convert the lifting so that im doing olympic lifts squats and bench 1-3 days a week (3 olympic lifts ) and ancillary, small muscle lifts 1-3 days a week with higher reps and lighter weight. Im going to mix it up So that there is no more then 4 days of lifting in total.

Starting September 16

Monday - practice + Olympic lifts (cleans, squats (back), bench(incline decline normal), every third week replace squats with deadlifts and every 10 sessions or so rotate the sets and reps) 3-5 sets of 3-5 reps.
Tuesday – tempo + gym for ancillary lifts 6 different combinations of lifting all together, use a different combo after 5-10 sessions+ aggressive abs circuit (normal, medball, swiss ball, pushups)
Wed – see mon
Thurs – see Tuesday
Fri – rest
Sat – same as mon
Sun – same as tues

Everyday – pysio drills
Stretching 45 minutes plus 25 minutes in morning
Ice bath

Weekly – massage or ART as needed

Ancillary lifting

Week 1-2 – 3x12
Week 3-4 – 14, 12, 10
Week 5-6 – 12, 10, 10 , 8

Ancillary 1 – rows, calf raises, dumbbell shoulder press, pull ups, hamstring curls on swiss ball, chin ups

Ancillary 2 – dumb bell lunges, strait leg dumbbell deadlift, military press, chin ups, dips, glut ham raise

Weeks off - As I feel tired, planning for 1 light week (probably just do light tempo and ancillary lifting) after our indoor champs in January and maybe another light week at start of may before the big push to olympic trials.
Major meets – Canadian championships

Things I need help on:

lifting cycles? When should I be doing Olympics 3 days a week and ancillary one or 2/2 etc? I have no idea if you should be lifting right before a meet or stop 2 weeks out and also what sort of lifts, ive heard of guys that do very high cns (2x2 bench / squat) a day before a meet, but this makes no sense to me. Wouldn’t it burn out your cns?

My main championship meet (Olympic trials) will be about mid july so I would like to peak for mid july. But im not sure if I should be doing 3 days Olympics right up until this or 1 or none, or gradually go from 1 – 2- 3 and then back down to 1 or none by mid july.

Also im not quite sure what type of plyos to incorporate and at what time in the season. I have watched gpp essentials and am taking some stuff from there but some of the other things im not quite sure how to incorporate in. im going to really work on my core on tempo days, doing abs with med ball, swiss and normal ab circuits and the other 3 days ill probably do a light ab sessions, but other then that I don’t have any med ball or plyos planned, I know in gpp they do it in the warmup so I might incorporate that in.


does this look like a decent program to everyone? i have 48 views and no comments so i assume its pretty good, toss me a comment or 2 if you guys notice anything that could be tweaked for the better. cheers!

no, cut ur legs off and be like the bladerunner.

hey the guy is pretty amazing

Not sure how old you are or how many years you have been training but if you reduce the number of reps in the gym and lift heavier weight you will be stronger.

Why do the gym if you are not going to get stronger?

In saying that though, gym means nothing if you don’t run or run faster on the track.

It is great that you are planning, but planning to run faster should be the main priority and your focus should really be on the track.

If you are less educated you are doing the right thing to get feedback on your program design, but in my honest and humble opinion, keep things as SIMPLE as you can or you will get scattered on what you really need to be doing!

Hope this helps.

thanks! the reason I posted just my gym workout is that my coach does my track stuff. He is really good and I believe in what he is doing so i leave that up to him, I am just doing my own gym workout to get stronger so i can run faster.

The higher rep stuff I am doing is just with light weight and for smaller muscles to complement my olympic lifts. I mean for it to be low cns.

thanks for the comments, much appreaciated. I am 23 years old.

Your coach really needs to take this into consideration. Gym and track are heavily related and interwinded. Your coach must undertand the both in setting the program.

yeah he does, it is basically his program expect tweaked a little to suit my needs, im also just looking for some constructive critism on it.