my start

is this a good start? what’s the error? this is a imagine from a video. if you want i can postthe video

Just from a quick look:

*Both feet are off the floor, and you are very high off the floor. I cant really think how you could have got into that position, as the aim is for the back foot to come out low and be in contact with the floor very quickly, whilst still pushing with your front foot. If both feet are off the floor (and, as you are so high, I guess off the floor for a long period) you are applying no force to the floor, which you need to do to accelerate better.

Just my thoughts, Im sure the next poster will disagree!

yes. even i noticed this point, and i really don’t know why i’m so high. probably because I try to push up my right foot (who is the rear leg) when i start?
i hope someone can explainthis. i have the video, but i don’t know how upload

Up the vid to youtube. While you are in the air im am sure that others will be already running and getting ahead of you.

After looking at the video, it seems like you come up off the floor because your feet are too close to your hands in set. This means that when you start running, you have to move your body backwards quickly, causing you to come off the floor.

Try and move your feet backwards in set. A basic guide is to put your front foot two pidgeon steps from the line. When you crouch down, put your knee from your back leg just in front of the front foot.

Hope this helps, let me know!

yes, i understand. the next sprint day I try. the only thing…i don’'t understand what is pidgeon …

A pidgeon step is where you put one foot directly behind the other lengthways to measure a distance. So one pidgeon step is one foot, 2 steps is 2 feet, etc.

yes, i understand, i must put my front foot two step behind the line, and the rear leg 3 approx. tomorrow i will do a video and i can see if there is improving