My Sprint Training Journal + WS4SB

Hello thar!

Well I’m 17 and I’ve completed my first year of track and field and as you can tell, I am a sprinter.

I did all three seasons so that includes cross country, indoor, and outdoor. But for me, I’m mainly training for indoor and outdoor.

Anyway, here are the numbers as of right now:

Height 5’9"
Weight 164 lbs
100m 13.1
200m 28.9

Bench 165
Squat and Deadlift - 250

I have three months until October when my last year of high school and XC begins so time to give it my all.

Also, Im looking to gain some muscle as well so I decided to use DeFranco’s Training methods.

Anyway, here’s my setup:

Mon Intensive tempo + weights
Tue Extensive tempo
Wed Hills + weights
Thu Rest
Fri Extensive tempo
Sat Hills + weights
Sun Rest

Monday: 6x200 with 2-3 min rest

31, 32, 33, 36, 36, 33

I forgot to take my multi so I tired out after my 3rd set.

Gonna apply for the gym later today, see how that goes.

Whats your “multi”?

I use the original Animal Pak multivitamin. The one that has 11 pills in one pack and comes in a container of 44 packs.

And I ran out of protein so I have to re-stock on that as soon as I get the money to do so.

Im also going to start using creatine as soon as I get the money as well.

Hopefully one of these jobs that I have applied for the summer calls me up. If they don’t, Im just going to train in the track and try to convince the parents to pay for my gym membership.

Tuesday: Extensive tempo : 2000m

And because I was feeling good and cocky, I did 2 100’s to see how much I had left.

The multi gave me the stamina to complete it and then some.

A Nike scout was there and saw me and offered me to run for them. But I told him I was a sprinter.

That dude runs a 4:01 mile!!

I really don’t see how a multivitamin can give you extra stamina.

If I were you I wouldn’t spend my money on protein and creatine. I would save that money for a gym membership.

Athletes at our level should be able to make good progress without the need for supplements.

If you do decide to use creatine though, you should check out Charlie’s recommendation in this thread.

I have to agree that I’ve never taken a multi that gave me a noticeable performance boost. I don’t doubt that it is a good idea but I have never seen an actual difference.

Maybe I need to switch brands!

Yeh, i was thinking the samething. its all in his head. :slight_smile:

I tried One A Day and Mega Men. Trust me.

Animal Pak gets the job done brothers.

And Chupa, you’re saying not to go to gain at least 5 more pounds of muscle?

And the protein is what I live on. Those shakes are 3 of the 6 meals I have per day.

Since I dont have the protein right now, I have breakfast, lunch, snack on a banana or apple, dinner, low fat fruit yogurt

Haha I will agree animal pack is good as long as you don’t choke to death.

^^ lmao lmao

Yeah I take it in 4 per go. So it only takes me 3 goes to get it all in.

Haha and people who can take it in one go are crazy!!

I mostly just meant that getting a gym membership should be a much higher priority than supplements.

I don’t think gaining 5 pounds of muscle would hurt you, but your not that light for your height anyway so I don’t see any reason you need to focus on gaining weight.

The protein shakes may help you to recover from training though.

True man.

I’ve applied for 5 jobs already. Should be getting a call soon.

Also found out that my friend is the manager of the local supermarket around here. So I’m gonna apply and have a talk with him afterward.

The money should be coming soon!!

BTW, I’ve known about Kre-Alk but now after doing more research, it’s cheap and seems way more effective than creatine mono.

I’m in to whatever takes less to swallow haha. Animal Pak is 11 pills so go figure.

animal pak i take 2 swallows to get all that shit in. Friend of mine can get 2 packs in at once, he is a damn sink i tell you.

maybe hes use to having big things in his mouth.

heheeh maybe, he can relax his esophagus pretty good i guess. Reminds me of a friend of mine that downs 4 beers in seconds (he does’nt even swallow just poors it like his mouth is a drain.

you have some amazing friends, many talents.

thats canada for you.

clear box.