My Results

I’m a senior in high school on my way to play D2 college football. Last Football season I developed a stress fracture in my back that will never heal. At one point I couldn’t sit down and stand up on my own because the spasms were so massive. I was out of running and leg workouts basically until track season started so I’m still (hopefully) working my way back to as fast as I could have been without missing all that workout time.

Last weekend I ran my first FAT meet in good conditions. I got meet MVP but the competition wasn’t very good even though some kid had a 10.9 seed. I’m Scott Thomas.

1 Thomas, Scott West Branch 11.06
2 Bryant, Garren Howland 11.33

This is my FAT PR by 6 hundredths (last year, 11.12) and this years PR by .12 (next fastest 11.18). There was no wind,

Our 4x1 is hopefully on our way to state, sophomore year we were 5th at regionals(top 4 go to state) and this year we have all the same runners except 1, who’s actually faster than the previous guy. Our time then was 43.8x. And our fastest time this year was 43.3 (school record is 43.2) With some average handoffs this weekend:

West Branch ‘A’ 43.60

  1. Jenkins (11.3 PR) 2) Capron (11.5 PR)
  2. Baltputnis (10.93 FAT) 4) Thomas (11.06 FAT)

In the 4x2 we’re decent, haven’t really gone all out this year because we smoke everybody we run against. Our fastest has been 1:31.80. Last year we ran 1:31.64 and our new guy this year is again probably faster than our guy last year. We should be able to drop a second off of our time at districts and regionals but probably won’t make it to state unless we drop under 1:30. (Same legs as 4x1)

West Branch ‘A’ 1:32.20
1) Jenkins(23.44 FAT) 2) Capron (23.9PR)
3) Baltputnis (22.2 PR) 4) Thomas (22.4PR)

In the 200 I slacked off because of the lack of competition, we have a big 4 week stretch coming up here so I was trying to avoid injury. My PR this year has been 22.4.

1 Thomas, Scott West Branch 23.00
2 Locher, Joe Southeast 23.32

Our region isn’t even close to being fair. At least 6 of the fastest times in the state will be there (ranging from 10.7x to low 10.9x) and only 4 will be able to make it out. I’m hoping that while I’m rehabbing my back I’ll be dropping below 11 and I’ll be right with that field.

In the 4x1 probably the top 4 times in our region(which will hopefully be us) have a great chance of being the top 4 at state. We’re going 43.3 right now and so far times in our region have been (low 42s, 2 time state champ that has only gone about 43.3s this year and oe team that has gone 43.03 and 43.06) Behind us 4 teams tho the next is about 43.6. Our times have always dropped far in the post season too. Sophomore year we ran 45s all season then at conference meet we broke out with a 44.1 then got faster until our 43.8 at regionals. 42s are in sights for us with the runners that we have, just gotta get our handoffs down.

The 200 and 4x2 is hard to say. We haven’t had any competition this year. And the closest 4x2 in any of our meets has been at least 2 seconds off. in the 200 it’s hard to say beause I havent run my fastest on FAT yet, but this friday is conference meet and in our conference we got a guy that can go 21.7(and that’s after running the 400).

had a meet yesterday and it ended out pretty bad even though we won and finished duals undefeated. Our other good sprinter (10.9 legit) pulled a hammy and won’t be able to run in the conference meet. That’s not the end of the world for me but he also might not be able to run at districts which, in Ohio, is the first qualifying meet for state before regionals. Hopefully he’ll pull through at least 80% for districts because we’ll probably be able to make it out with him like that since he pulled it in the 4x1 right when he got the baton and we still ran 44.6.

I went 11.0 in the 100 and 22.5 in the 200 which is encouraging because second place was 23.9 and I wasn’t digging as deep as I could.

The conference meet sucked, it was rainy and cold as hell. Our relays didn’t pull through without our other sprinter(dropped baton and 2nd place).

in the 100:
1 Leuenberger, Curtis Louisville 11.16 (and he’s run 10.90 FAT)
2 Thomas, Scott West Branch 11.30 i was right with him until about 20 to go
3 Pascley, Troy Alliance 11.44 (my cousin, beat us both out of the start, on his way to louisville as a receiver)

in the 200:

1 Leuenberger, Curtis Louisville 22.60
2 Thomas, Scott West Branch 23.10

It was just a crappy race, he’s gone 21.7x before and he was going for it as hard as i was.

Next up is districts this week, our hurt sprinter practiced today and did pretty well so all we have to do is make it out of those and he should be healed up.

Had district prelims and semis tonight, went well for the team. I ran a 11.24 100, which was kind of disappointing because even tho no one was near me I tried hard. My buddy ran in the other heat and ran a 10.95 so he’s back in a big way. Another kid ran a 10.91 and we were the fastest 3.

4x1 went well, had one slightly bad handoff and ran a 43.38 a team ran a 43.14 and another ran 43.35

4x2: 1:30.54 new school record(beating our own record)

200: This was my 6th race of the day and it sucked, I ran a 23.1x and died, if we had a coach that knew how to train sprinters I would have more endurance but after one hard 200 I’m never at full speed in anything after that.

If you want to check out the results they’re at finals are all on saturday.

Finals went well

11.14 100 (3rd) I was surprised because I felt really off cadence and sluggish and didn’t run my own race. I’m hoping for 11.0x or even sub 11 if I focus for a race next week.

1:30.1x in 4x2 (2nd to defending state champs by about 6 meters.

and 43.7x in the 4x1 (2nd) I think the starters system was messed up because first place was 43.44 that ran 43.14 in prelims and last years state runner-ups went 44something and all handoffs were good and everyone felt fast.

and I scratched the 200.

So, next week is regionals, we’re right in the running for the 4x1 for anywhere from 2nd to 4th in our region and top 4 make it out to state.

4x2 is the same deal, if we go under 1:30, only 3 other teams are even close to that so our chances are well.

Finals will be up later on the link in the post before this.

Looks like things are going fairly well. Keep it up.


whats your 40m times handtimed or any 10m split that you have done through your training years?

Are those 11.3 and 11.5 PR times splits for the 4x1, or 100 hand times or fat, if they are FAT 100 times you guys should be running near 43.0 or probably even below?

The 11.3 and 11.5 are handtimed.

Tonight was regional semis and we came through big time.

My first event, the 100 I broke 11 and ran a 10.99. My backs still holding me back by making my core weak so I come out right with everyone til about 80 meters and the fastest guys pull away. That’s the 2nd slowest time goin into finals too which shows you how tough our region is.

Very next event, 4x2, after watching a team in the first heat break the state record(1:27). We came through in the second heat breaking our record again and going 1:29.30 with me feeling a little slow because I didn’t have anyone to run with on the curve and that’s my weak part of the 200.

Once again, the very next event. We beat one of the state favorites in our heat, winning our heat with a 43.23 (school record). All of us were still dying from the 4x2 and even though I caught the other team from behind I wasn’t near running my full speed. Next heat, 2 teams that didn’t run the 4x2 run a 42.5 and a 42.7. One of these teams has no one under 11.5, they just have perfect handoffs I guess.

It was a nice little workout to get ready for finals running every thing in a row.

So, our relays, with some work, are locks for state and top 5 in state finals. Saturday is regional finals and the 4x1 is well after the 4x2 this time so we’re shootin for sub-43. I’ll get back to you with the results page when it’s up. We left before this but the end of the meet was delayed due to t-storms.

Congrats on breaking 11secs. You are very similar to me. Mind posting your stats? e.g. age, weight, hieght, lifts, vj if its not too much trouble :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure, I just turned 18
6’, 185-190 during track(football season 195-200)
Bench: 325
Squat: haven’t done much of it obviously since my back’s fractured, but in-season right now I could probably go at least 365. Last year I could go at least 450 parallel .
Power Clean: 270
Vert:34-36 at different combines.

I feel like with these lifts I would’ve been at least 10.8s without the complications from my injury because at college combines last year I posted faster times than my teammate(10.85 last night)every time in the 40.

And here’s results from semis last night. You might want to check them out, they’re very impressive for only a high school regional meet.

Very very interesting…I think you can go 10.8x too if that back doesn’t bother you too much. I will be watching your progress :wink:

if i had your lifts i wuold run 10.5 geez. Talk about different folks hehehehe

Here’s my results from regional finals.

100:11.02 6th(my blocks slipped pretty bad and I stummbled the first few steps) I’ll get back with more tomorrow about this race. Here’s a preview though, fast.

4x200: 1:28.80 2nd. STATE-BOUND (Once again, I’ll get back with more tomorrow.)

4x100: 42.89 3rd STATE-BOUND (and again)

These are the finals results in the 100 along with the qualifiers from the 3 other regions in the state (I’ll even put in their prelim times if those were faster but I’ll put in the finals times for us regardless). Keep in mind all times since last week have been FAT.

  1. 10.65
  2. 10.75
  3. 10.76
  4. 10.76(my teammate)
  5. 10.89
  6. 11.02(me)
  7. 11.06
  8. 11.21

1.11.05 1.10.98 1.10.71
2.11.15 2.11.15 2.11.06
3.11.20 3.11.27 3.11.10
4.11.21 4.11.39 4.11.17

Sucks, doesn’t it? I would have been at least second in every other region. Slipped blocks or not I didn’t have much of a chance making it out of ours with the last qualifier running 10.76. But any other region I would be at state and be a serious contender for the state final race. 8th fastest 100 time in the state and instead 10 slower kids are going. What can you do though.

4x200…That was probably the most exciting race I’ve been a part of in my life, even though the winner went 1:26.1x and broke the state record. I got the baton right with a kid who goes 22.1FAT in the open 200 (who I’ll be playing football with in college). The only thing going through my mind was that there was no way I was going to let him beat me, I stayed with him on the curve and once I shot into the straight I slowly pulled away from him by 9 hundredths. Our time, 1:28.80, their time 1:28.89. I kicked my own ass though, that was the hardest I’ve ever ran in my life.

The 4x1… Got the baton with the same kid that I caught from behind in semis, I didn’t have anything left in me though and even though we ran our best time I wasn’t able to catch him, they ran 42.80 we ran 42.89 the winner blazed a 42.05.

The 4x200 teams that made it out of our region were all in the 1:28s 6 teams in our finals ran under 1:30. Only one other team in the state ran under 1:30. So we have the second fastest time.

The top 3 4x1 teams in our region were under 43. No other team in the state is under 43. We have teh 3rd fastest time in that.

The divisions in Ohio are set up NCAA-style, we’re division 2(smaller than d1 but larger than d3). Our 100 final averaged faster than any d1 region in the state. And any of the 4x200 and most of the 4x100 teams in our region would have made it out of any d1 region.

State meet is this coming friday and saturday.

Finals are here if you’re interested, the region is stacked all the way around so distance times were good too

I stumbled across this tonight and decided to update. I’m a Jr in college now and I was a senior in high school when I posted this.

Having transferred after my first semester due to a serious illness in the family, I took track off my freshman year in favor of spring ball to learn the new program. Sophomore year I was back at it again.
Sophomore SB’s:
200m-21.99 (I laughed as I read my posts about hating the 200 in high school)

This year’s (with only one outdoor meet in the books, coming off of a groin pull I was pleasantly surprised. here’s hoping the groin was still holding me back for the 1 and 2)
55m-6.50 2x

Outdoor is shooort this year, the conference meet will only be my 5th week of outdoor, so I kind of put all my eggs in one basket and decided that I wanna get my ass to nationals(NCAA DIII). So I’m shooting for 10.7x/21.7x, looks intimidating now that I write it down! I’m a gifted athlete with a good pedigree though so I just have to find a way to let it fall into place.

As far as numbers go I’m not much different than in high school, much cleaner on technique with my olympic lifts though. I haven’t maxed out in anything since freshman year, so the numbers are based on what I do for workouts.
Weight- about 192-195 (some of this weight needs to go this summer, I just have to find a careful way to go about it because I’m only around 8-10% bodyfat)
Bench- 335-350?
Squat- 415? parallel, it’s almost harder to go above parallel anymore
Power clean- 275

What is your general training plan for getting to nationals?

I have a trainer that will set up a taper for me. He’s knowledgeable and did a pretty good job of peaking himself, running 6.36 at nationals his senior year and 10.64 his last meet of outdoor a few years ago.
the weekly plan is something like this:
Monday: Speed drills, weights
Tuesday: Intervals, maybe some blockwork before hand
Wednesday- Tempo, blockwork, hurdle mobility, upper body
Thursday- Speed, weights
Friday- good warmup, easy starts, good cooldown
Saturday- Compete
Sunday- Impact-free cardio

Next week I think the volume will go down, and after that the volumes will go down along with a certain percentage of the weight used and intervals will get shorter and faster with more complete recovery.

Made a little bit of progress today. Regeneration week next week so hopefully that helps with the groin…

10.81 (PR) and 22.30 today…
I had 100 prelims, 4X1, 100 finals, and then the 200 so by that time my groin was really starting to get weak, which sucks because it never feels bad during the week. Oh well, back to work.

Good job bro! You were right on with your times from last week.