My Periodization Dilemma

my periodization plan leading up to football camp looks like this:
16 Week Plan
3 (max strength) -
1 (max strength 75% Vol.)
3 (max strength)
2 (maintenance)
3 (max strength)
1 (max strength 75% Vol.))
3 (max strength)
*the 3 week microcycles of max strength are week 1 - 80%, week 2 - 85%, week 3 90%. and the lowered volume week of max strength remains at 90%.

here is my problem, for the first few weeks i cannot do all my CNS work at one point in the day, so is running in the morning and lifting in the evening ok? i don’t like to split it up, but since i have to how many hours in between track & weights would be acceptable? also, do you think plyo’s should be done throughout the entire macrocycle (low volume early on & then increase) or incorporated later on? btw, this cycle includes no GPP, i have already taken care of that. thanks

looks pretty good for what you want to do… you got the right idea>>running and lifting at seperate parts of the day is fine as long as you have 4-5 hours between…
what are you planning to do to convert your max strength gains into power?

I’ve heard it might be a good idea to be up four hours before you sprint in the morning.

4-5 hours is right… CNS activation is higher.

ESPN3 - just one other note that I’m sure you are all to aware of - adequate and complete recovery will be your biggest challanges over the next few weeks when you go 2xday training at such intensities.

thanks for the replies guys, i really hate to split up my workouts like that, but there is no way around it. what do you guys think about the plyos?