My Masters Training

As an athlete I have finally reached that age of ‘Master’

I competed last year in Australia /Perth at the world champs competing in the 400, unfortunately DQ in the final. But did get two golds in the relays

I will be posting in this thread elements of my training programme and ideas, along with exerts as I compete as a master athlete, along with continued coaching of my squad

Cool. I ran against you in the 4x100m.

oh really, nationality?
I was first leg for both relays, I liked the 4/100 as I looked good lol

I was first leg on the Australian team. My main event at the champs was the long jump.

Yes, you did look good on that leg. Looked at lot faster than your SB of 11.67 to me.

I looked quite average, on the other hand. I was incredibly sore from my first full long jump competition in something like 19 years. All I could think of was how to get the baton to my team mate before my adductors explode. I somehow got through it without major injury. :slight_smile: 4-100 relay 4-400 relay

These are not my vids and clearly recorded filming the TV but you get to see the races.

Due to a few personal issues the 2 months prior to Perth I only trained on grass, up and down hill. The over speed affect of downhill sprints I feel managed to help me a lot.

I ran my fastest times for a few years at the end of 2016, winning the British Masters champs and then in Perth. Im still to decide on competing in Daegu Indoor end of March but only have until 24th Jan to register

Every time I watch this video I wonder how the South African guy in lane three got away with that major false start.

lol I never actually noticed that before, but yeah huge!

Do you know much about TJ Ossai’s training?

I know a bit, he works very hard and loves the sport. Was a bit of a star in perth

You know him?

He was in bloody great nick for 41- did he come into the sport late?

The first time I saw him run was in Perth. He looks very youthful for 41. I’m curious to know if he competed when he was in his 20’s and 30’s and what type of training he is doing now?

The first time I saw him was in Perth. He looks very youthful for 41. I’d be interested to know if he competed when he was in his 20’s and 30’s and, if so, what times did he run then? Also what type of training is he doing now and who coaches him?


He seems to have started competing in 2005, but has never been faster than now. See He has a YouTube channel

Probably even earlier. Given that his 2005 times for 100/200/400 were 11. 22. and 50. he must have been doing something before that. From my own records on powerof10 I suspect the start dates per athlete of 2003-2005 are related to when the internet systems became more widely used for storing/displaying performances.
But whatever, he has shown interesting development from good to elite in both absolute and relative times.

There were a few other outstanding performers at the World Masters, Stephen Peters, Bill Collins and Roland Groeger,. I have read a bit about Peters and Collins training. Both train very differently, Peters does high intensity low volume and only trains 3 x week and appears to do the same sessions each week, typically- 4 x 100m starting at 50% with the 4th rep at 100%, 30 mins rest and then a flat out 300 or 400. From reading Collins book he appears to do very high volume and lower intensity and increasing intensity and reducing volume as the season progresses. Don’t know anything about Groegers training. Not trying to hijack the thread but thought this may be of interest re different training styles of masters athletes,

Mattias Sunneborn was another, if not the, standout performer. Competed in almost every event and won most of them. He does a lot of ploys, heavy weights and all-out sprints.

sorry late replying, Power of 10 was created in 2005 and most peoples times before then are none existent unless there is a major note of them etc

He is a personal trainer and lives a very healthy lifestyle, eats very very well.

High emphasis on gym power development, complex weights and plenty of quality plyos

A great example of how much love for the sport and desire to be something can keep you driving even when getting older!

yeah Peters was/is excellent, he doesn’t like the long work at all and keeps sessions short and sharp, perfect form and holds all the way, very well drilled.

this weekend I am opening up my indoor season with 60/200 combo up in Sheffield, just an open and not expecting much

Last weeks training fairly killed me tbh, two major track sessions was

350 10min 4-200m 4min rec
44- 26/26 (switched to trainers due to cramp) 32/34

3-150m 4min rec / 10min / 150-250-350
17.9/17.5/17.8 - 18.4 / 33 / dropped out cramp

weekend was push sled session on Saturday and then hills on Sunday (8-180m 3min walk down rec)

Tonight I will be doing 300/200/100 - 200/100/100 off 5 min rec and 10/15 min between set

Any reason why you are doing SE/intensive tempo every session and no true speed work?