My dorsiflex foot pics

To help me completely understand the dorsiflexion part of sprinting technique I took pictures because Its hard for me to understand just reading.

1st Pic - I just have my ankle flexed all the way up

2nd Pic - This is what I do when Charlie wrote that you cock the big toe up with no ankle flexion at all I dont think.

3rd Pic - I have both “big toe/front part of foot” and my ankle flexed up

Which one of these is the correct form, too Charlie or anyone else, thanks in advance

3rd pic is the same as the 2nd.

You got it with this stuff. Don’t worry so much and just run.

Which pic is the right way to dorsiflex though… also I should consciously step over my knee into it becames natural correct?

Any will do. But be careful not to conciously hold the foot rigid upon ground contact otherwise you may pull the plantar facia or tib ant. If your foot doesn’t stay there it could be that your calves are very tight (most runners are).

Yes conciously think about it to start with IF you have a problem.

I’m coached to fully dorsiflex before plantarflexing powerfully INTO the contact…