my diet w/ help of clemson

Over the past 4 weeks with the help of Clemson, I’ve went to 181 to 191 in weight w/o gaining any bodyfat (at about 7% now). I’ve been training for 3 years starting out at 6’ 139 lbs and never thought I could get to this weight. My goals are to be 205 6% bodyfat. Here is a sample day of my diet…I don’t always adhere to it perfectly since it doesn’t affect my body composition so much but this is what I aim for everyday. Feel free to add any suggestions or comments.

Clemson Cocktail
4 sears lab fish oil pills
2.5 g Tyrosine powder

6am Train
BCAA’s during training

7am Postworkout drink 2.5:1 carb:protein 750kcals
48g Now Dextrose
47g Now Malto
20g Honey
46g ON Whey Protein
5g Creatine
16oz low fat milk

7:45am 2nd postworkout meal
4 eggs
1/2 cup steel cut oats

10am Morning snack
1 can tuna w/ nuts

1pm Lunch
Lean Meat w/ lots of veges

4pm Afternoon snack
Myoplex ready to drink shake
Total Calories 310
Total Fat 7g
Saturated Fat 1g
Total Carbohydrates 20g
Dietary Fiber 6g
Sugars 2g
Protein 43g (milk protein concentrate, calcium caseinate, whey protein isolate)

6:30pm or 7pm Dinner
Usually same as lunch

1/2 Cup Low fat cottage cheese
Clemson Cocktail
3 Bev Int. Flax Seed Pills

9:30pm Bedtime

Thats basically it. I stopped drinking soda, snapples or basically any other drink with sugar in it. So I’m mostly drinking water now. Also, I’ve never been a desert eater so I never crave foods like that. I also don’t count calories and have no idea what the macronutrient breakdown is. Over the past 4 weeks, I’ve just try to eat consistantly throughout the day and I think that has made the biggest difference with my consistent weight gain.

Good work ccardil
What is your weekly/daily training programme?

I was doing a westside split but after speaking with Clemson we made a few adjustments such as adding in deadlifts and a little more back work. I have 2 lower body days (squat day, deadlift day) and 2 upper body days (push, pull days). I’m training weights 4 days a week and doing tempo 2 days a week. I’m doing tempo with the jump rope but I don’t really like it too much so I might switch it up a little, its just that its pretty cold outside in NY right now. Just a side note, I have very limited equipment…I lift in my garage and only have olympic bar and weights, bench, squat rack, glute ham raise which makes me focus on big compound lifts.

Overall, I’m very happy with the results. My strength hasn’t increased that much as I would have liked. Also I like to test my vert on my bb hoop outside and I can def feel the increase in bodyweight. I’m not training for any sport or specific event so this doesn’t matter as much to me. My goal was to gain lbm and worry about the other stuff later so thats what I’m doing.

I would leave a bigger gap after the postworkout drink, this should make things more effective. Also, make sure on off days you have the clemson cocktail as well…

Looks good so far but wait for the strength improvements later…they will come.

Will we ever hear the contents of the Cocktale, Clemson? Maybe subscribed members of RL can expect this to be revealed to them?


Wow, that’s pretty impressive. You pretty much were where I was weight-wise and where I want to be. Same goals. I wish I could get the same help…

What’s the reasoning for honey and milk post workout? Doesn’t that slow down absorption?


i’m having a slightly modified version of the clemson cocktail everyday (will be making the original very soon) when i wake up and before i go to bed. i know the strength gains will come with time, i just hate being weak! and i’m still working on cleaning up the diet…the day i showed was what i aim for. i still make sure i eat every 2-3 hours and thats made a huge difference.

clemson has been a huge help throughout this process. the info we get for free from charlie, clemson, ct and some of the other guys on this site is tremendous. if you haven’t already bought any of cf’s stuff, try and save a little and buy it. the info is great and its resonably priced. same goes for donating to clemson. i’ve learned more from cf’s and clemon’s site in the past 6 months then i have in the 3 1/2 years i’ve been training. seriously, what other elite coach is willing to give his time and knowledge like cf does. thanks cf & clemson, you guys have made a huge impact on my training and i appreciate all the help.


Athletes Ambrosia will be very pleasing to Lab Lounge Members…don’t worry. Also I am still waiting for one person to confirm my protocols for the recovery template.

Dell Dell,

Milk is insulinogenic…hence why babies grow so damn fast!

i believe the clemson cocktail will be revealed to the members of the lounge but i’m not sure. you won’t be disappointed.

dell dell,
i use milk for the extra calories plus i thought i read in a berardi article that milk creates an insulin spike (please correct me if i’m wrong). i only don’t use that much honey, i got the tip from clemson, i use it to get my postworkout drink to a 2.5 carb to protein ratio.

i forgot to comment on the postworkout nutrition. the reason why the 2nd postworkout drink is only 45 min after the first is because i have to go to work and i have a 45 min to hour drive everyday. i know its not optimal but its the only way for me to get a solid meal in after my 1st post workout drink.


I now have eight catagories of Clemson Cocktails! This will be up in a general format but Lab Members will have the exact recipes and product support. At work I would go P and C or Zone with a gap! This is important and you should be able to bring your food in containers…


i do bring containers to work…one for my mid-morning snack (which is a P and F, should i switch to more zone meals) meal and usually bring in a container for my lunch. but my first postworkout is a 7 and then i thought i should have a another postworkout at 7:45 because the insulin and glycemic spike would have leveled out. maybe i should keep the same 1st postworkout, have a go! shake on the way to work and then a zone meal first thing at work which would be around 9am?

wow, i’m so excited for the lab lounge. this is going to be some premium info we’ll be getting. i’m still trying to figure out where you’re learning all this great stuff so i can start doing some of my own research to increase my knowledge base!

Are you talking cow’s milk, the regular pasteurized version, or some type of raw milk?

Organic? Skim, whole?

I actually knew that but never considered it for a post workout drink. Probably because I dislike milk.



I was wondering the same thing. Milk has casein, should slow down absorption, which I thought you didn’t want post-workout. The malto and dextrose should be enough for insulin, right? Honey’s just for more carbs?

Clemson, do you mean organic raw milk or the homogenized & pasteurized milk with well publicized problems? I’ve been drinking 3 glasses of milk for pretty much my whole life but stopped a few weeks ago. I now get dairy from cottage cheese before sleep without getting the lactose. Can’t afford organic.

Also, what is the purpose of the cocktail?

I don’t think casein actually slows down absorption but instead is digested more slowly. But I use 46g of whey protein which is aborbed right away. I use regular 1% milk, can’t afford anything else and for me it probably wouldn’t make much of a difference…for a competitive athlete it might. The malto and dextrose might be enough for the insulin spike, so I use milk for the dual purpose of insulin spike and extra cals. I use honey for some extra carbs to bring the ratio to 2.5:1.

As for the cocktail, I don’t want to give too much of it away, but the purpose is regeneration…lol. There are 8 different formulas now but the purpose of the one I use now is good fats (MCT’s) and a protein source throughout the day.

I noticed that ccardill takes 2.5g of tryosine. i hope he didn’t take it with others. I’d take tyrosine first thing on empty stomach before i take anything else. Clemson cocktail, heh? Could it be… say 25g of maltdextrin, 25g of CFM whey or high quality whey mixed with let’s see (bringing memories of chemistry over solution) around 600mL of water for optimum absorption unless you added other stuff that would mean extra water to keep the concentration to around 7%.

I think tyrosine is very impressive. i tried it 2 months ago for the first time. I wanted to reduce my BF% a bit so my diet looked like this 200-220g of protein, 100g of carbs and 80-100g of fat (T-Dawg 2.0 from t-mag). I took E/C with tyrosine before workouts. I have to admit it. WOW. Normally, you don’t see much strength gain while on reduced carb diet but in this case, my strengh just kept going up and up and up. I lost probably like 5lbs of fat (i didn’t have much BF to begin with, probably 10%BF) and gained about 3 lbs of muscles. I was using my own modified westside training. I have my other ways but too much typing…

[QUOTE=ltruett]I noticed that ccardill takes 2.5g of tryosine. i hope he didn’t take it with others. I’d take tyrosine first thing on empty stomach before i take anything else. Clemson cocktail, heh? Could it be… say 25g of maltdextrin, 25g of CFM whey or high quality whey mixed with let’s see (bringing memories of chemistry over solution) around 600mL of water for optimum absorption unless you added other stuff that would mean extra water to keep the concentration to around 7%.


“I noticed that ccardill takes 2.5g of tryosine. i hope he didn’t take it with others.”

I’m not sure what you mean by i hope he didn’t take it with others? And no, thats not the clemson coctkail…

Well do you take tryrosine with other amino acids? They compete for absorptions so it’s best not to take tyrosine with other AAs. What’s in Clemson’s cocktail? i’m curious.

i didn’t know that tyrosine competes with other aminos…interesting. i usually take 2.5g tyrosine 30min before i workout and then start taking bcaa’s 15min before the workout and continue taking them till the workout is complete.

its not my place to give away the cocktail. i know he’ll be posting it on his site pretty soon. all i can say is it tastes good and it works.

Really, that’s interesting… Do you mean that Tyrosine competes with the same receptor as Tryptophan? Surely all the amino acids don’t compete with the same receptor?

You should be okay. All i know is that it’s not a good idea to combine tyrosine with other AAs or protein at the same time. Do you take Power Drive or just straight tyrosine? The only place that i know that sells tyrosine powder is at by NOW Foods. What about you?