my (bad) sprint

this is my sprint.
please comment and tell me my error.

the boy who film is a little bit stupid so the video isn’t perfect, but I think you can say me what are my errors!


this is my acceleration.
i noticed that when i Start I stay lean (+ o -)
but at the 3-4 step i became to assume a very strange position.
then my right leg is very weak, and the knee aren’t high (the right is very low). i’m not relax and my leg don’t go very straight.

in italy we say: “I must do horse racing” th

Hard to see much from the film but you need to relax your shoulders and in the upright position you might be bringing your arms up a bit too high in front. again, it’s hard to see from the film here.

you seem to be trying to open your stride up instead of just running.don’t try and have a long stride instead just run relax and enjoy.

everything will come together with proper training as the GPP dvd explains and explains well!

yes. i must do another.
but the leg? i think i move in the wrong way the leg.

so, hands less high.
but the shoulder relaxed…even if to do this, i run slower?

“open your stride up instead of just running”
what meaning whit open your stride up? try to run with high knee?

Maximum Velocity Sprint Mechanics:

good summary of mechanics.

Toes off? CF don’t say TOE UP?
sorry i don’t understand english very well

so…better toe up (dorsiflex) or toe off?

The main thing that jumps out at me, and others have mentioned it, is that it looks like you’re reaalllllllyyyyy trying to stride as far as you can instead of just running.

Don’t worry about how long your stride is.

this is my sprint when i hadn’t read about correct form and so on. in this video, my form is so bad, or for a novice?
this video have 5 months