My athletic training journal (WSFSB+VJB)

Well I know this is mainly for sprinters, I figure I would post it here to to get some different input after reading up a little o some of the charlie francis stuff.

heres the start of my journal (Feb 17th)

Well now since my highschool career is over, it is time to start training for my goal of playing college basketball. Have been a football player and a basketball player, now that I can focus on basketball I feel I can profoundly increase not only my vertical but my all around athleticism. Have followed Defrancos WSFSB but have also done kelly baggert VJB stuff(thanks to the old terminal vertical site stopped AA) Fresh off the season so before I get into intense plyo training or jump specific training, I want to build up my sqaut and deadlift(which I feel i have not done enough of as of yet) so I am doing a 4 week cycle that should look like this-

Monday- ME legs-box squat variation, Step up or lunge varition, Reverse Hypers, Weighted Abs
Tuesday-ME chest- Bench Variation, dbell bench variation, Back Superset, shoulder exercise, bi tri superset/ 2 ball tempo dribbling and foul shooting
Wed-off/form shooting
Thursday- ME legs- Trapbar deadlift variation, single leg sqaut variaiton, Reverse Hyper, Weight abs
Friday- Pullup and Pushup Circuit/3 point shooting
Saturday- pickup games
Sunday- Hard basketball drilling

I Am including Reverse hyper machine everyworkout because this is first time my school gym has had one so havent done it hardly at all therefore I lack the strength in the muscle groups used in this exercise, feel it wil help greatly in my vert and overall strength. Have done GHR and RDLS much so it wont hurt to catch up my reverse hyper strength.

Also do high-rep abs and flexbility training on tuesdays and thursdays

Will start Intermediate plyo program VJB first week of March(2 weeks from now), but only including one day of this per week(saturdays) because will be doing a Dynamic leg day involving plyos so do not want to overtrain.

As far as basketball gym time goes, will simply start off with light form shooting on Wednesdays, Fridays do three point work, sundays do a hard day in the gym and play when i can including most saturday mornings(not too intense zone with older skilled players)

**Should include that my diet is generally 3 main meals trying to get as much protein as possible(goal 315 grams per workout day), on training days 1 pre workout bar ect, 1 post workout 60 carb-30 protein shake with 5g l glutamine, and half a serving of muslce milk at night, along with creatine(5g) in the mornings with juice everyday with extra 5 grams on lifting days with post workout shake (8 weeks on 2 off 8 on), finished by ZMA before bed everyday.

Starting stats and goals:

Ht- 5 11 / Goal by graduation
Wt 178 / 175
S Vert- 29 / 34(dunk small ball)
Run Vert-32 / 38(dunk consistently)
Box Squat- 335x3 / 405x3
Trap deadlf-365x3 / 425x3


Decent Dynamic/ROM warmup with changeup- warm up sets sorta mixed in with warmup

ME Leg day- Squat

Box Squat- worked up to 365x3

Step ups w knee drive- 50’s 3x8

Reverse Hyper Extensions- 70 lbs 3x8

Weighted Abs with rope pulldown- 60lbs 3x14 Calf Raises 3x14

I’d give it a 7

ME upper body day

Bench- worked up to 245x2 (failed on 3rd rep attempt)

Dumbell Incline Press- 65’s 3x10

Seated Pull, thick bar- 200 lbs 3x10
Face Pull- 70 lbs 3x10

Curl 75lbs sb 3x10
Rope pulldown- 50 lbs 3x10

Grip/forearm finish(two 20’s hold and wrist rollar)

A little weak now, esp in bench(have gotten 245x6 before) but will get strength up once I start adding REP day in next week probally

Would give workout an 8

Looks good just be careful with the extra trap bar DL day. If if feels fine go for it but if you start to feel tired or your jumping ability is down bc of if I would drop it and add some thing lighter and more dynamic (step ups or reverse lunges etc)

Thanks, I will only be doing the extra leg day for this week and next then will be going on the True defrancos one ME day and one DE day…just figured I would build some strength before i add the plyos…Also, have been getting a lot higher above the rim but when i am with the ball I still can not get up to dunk it (2 foot jumper), also how can I incorporate ways to improve 1 leg jumping(especialyl weak off of left leg)

I would only do one lower body day.

Well, if you’re playing bball I dont think extra jumping is any good since you are jumping plenty during the game. If you do work on this I would do it in the off season (when there is no bball) Then when bball starts drop the plyos all together. I would try to find stuff By Al Vermeil he’s the expert on bball conditioning.

no problem with during low int/low jump work at this jump.

no no basketball is done, training for next year already, and I will be soon doin one day of ME squating or deadlifting+ one DE day consisting of Depth jump, box jump, vertical, broad, stand triple jump, or a over box jump variation+ one day of VJB plyos…and I will not get hardly any High intense games of basketball in untill summer, only mainly shooting and skill work.

Legs- At Defrancos In New Jersey (training there for 2 days friday night saturday morning)

Tred Sled- 5 sets

Reverse Hyper Ext- 75lbs plus bands 3x10
Glute Ham Raise- 3x10

Abs- 45 hold situps 3x15

1 arm swings- Kettelbell 15 kgs 4x15 each arm switch mid air

really tough on postererior chain/ low back, stil really sore this morning, getting an upper day in then headging home

9 , I was at defrancos enough said…

REP upper- at Defrancos

Good warm up including 5 light tred sled runs plus 1x10 pushup 1x10 30lbs dbells 1x10 60 lbs dbell

Reverse Band Bench with chains- 225x5, not ideal for my strength but wanted to give it a try, followed by 155x18

Thick Bar Seated Row- 110lbs 3x10 close med wide grips
Face Pulls with handles- 3x10 70 lbs

Thick Bar curls- 90 lbs 3x10
Band Push downs green band 3x20

Log Bar standing clean and press- 3x45 seconds, best 10 reps

Rice- 2x50 reps
Thick Bar hold 185 lbs 3xmax seconds (only about 14)

Would give it a 9, felt like I did some hard but effective work

Overall great experience to train there again if only for 2 days, makes you realize really how much stronger you need to become and how much harder you need to work and how dedicated you really must be, from your diet to just your daily living you gotta be dedidcated and of coarse

Still really sore from fridays leg workout, esp in low back and glutes(postior chain sometihng i need to really focus on these next months) so most likely will take tommorow easy with some good quality stretching and some form shooting along with some very light jump shooting if i can get in a gym.

ME Leg day- Deadliftt

Decent Warmup including 3x14 TKE(on toe variaiton, off next two weeks)

Trap Bar deadlift off of 4 inch box- 365x3, def a lot tougher then w/o box

Single leg squats(Bulgarian) with front leg elevated- 35 3x8 once again hard

Rythm Squats- 225 1x50, good exercise did not work out monday due to combo of soreness plus i want to deload and cut down the last week of a cycle so I was only doing one weightroom day this week

Reverse Hyper- 50 lbs 3x10
Glute Ham Raise- BW 3x10

Abs purple ball side to side 3x14
Calf Raises BW 3x14


Finished with foam roll work and quality PNF style stretching at night

Just some training thoughts

For now these most important compenents my 12 weeks program(1 day of VJB intermediate plyos combined with 3-4 days of WSFSB) If for what ever reason I need to miss training, the bottom few are the ones I would drop first. Also, in order to fight the over training of 3 legs per week, ever three weeks I will sort of have a deload week with my legs which would consists of ME day with unilateral plyo leg exercise, and the VJB plyos with some SE squats and reverse hypers afterwards. In addition, will twice a week work on stationary dribbling and specific moves and twice a week work on full court speed dribbling(2 balls and/or one ball) on my jump shooting days

  1. SPP work- Quality games and drills that will make me better always come before any type of GPP training.

  2. VJB plyos, must be done consistently once a week, i need all the reactivity I can get

  3. ME legs

  4. DE Legs

  5. ME chest

  6. REP upper

ME Chest

Bench- 245x3 (2008 PR)

Dbell Floor Press- 80lbs 3x10

Seated Row- 200lbs 3x10
Face Pull- 85 lbs 3x10

Dbell Shrugs- 100lbs 3x10

Give it a 6, too many people (girls) in the weightroom

REP upper -yesturday

dumbbell incline- 60’s 14,14,18

Pullups deadhang- 3x8
Face Pulls with rope- 85lbs 3x10

Lateral Raises w/ dbells- 15’s 3x10

Curls barbell- 75lbs 3x10
Band Pushdowns green band 3x20

Abs- decline 45lbs 3x10

Alright so I am officially done with my 4 week strenght building block, and will be now starting the name of my journal, combinding VJB(intermiediate plyos) along with WSFSB, my GPP training week will look as follows

Monday- ME leg day
Tuesday- ME chest day
Wednesday- Off
Thursday- VJB plyos/SE squat or deadlift variation+reverse hyperext.
Friday- Rep Upper
Saturday- VJB plyos
Sunday- Off

Will follow this for 12 weeks, and if legs ever feel not up to it will simply push days back or skip the ME leg, plyos will always be made up.

Also will continuly tuesday thursday flexilby and core training
Will stretch and do light abs and pushups at night

As far as basketball SPP training goes I realize to play at the college level 3 things i must acomplish

  1. Become a much better overall athlete I feel doing the current GPP training along with getting on the court doing drills and playing competive games will make me more athlete which will contribute to all fascets of my game
  2. Become a sick 3 point shooter- there is always room for somebody with a sick shot from the outside
  3. Improve Greatly on my dribbling skills- I figure I am 5 10 and a half I am gonna have to be a point guard for the most part.

My SPP Basketball will look like this
Monday-Form Shooting
Tuesday- Form Shooting/midrange Jumpers
Wednesday- 3 point Jump Shooting- Full court 2 ball dribling
Thursday- Form shooting/midrange jumpers
Friday- 3 point Jump shooting- Full court 2 ball dribling
Sat- AM fullcourt bball zone with older guys low intens
Sun- Hard Intensity Drilling

Wil try and get in competive games whenever possible- will make SPP quality work a priority in front of GPP training.

Alright well I decided to record my average diet on a day so you people can tell me what I am doing right and wrong and so i can analyze it myself so here it is written in the order that foods are eaten

Wake up 7:10 AM

Breakfast 7:30 AM - Usually I eat this on way out door to school and during homeroom period
-Two Vitamin World Omega 3 fishoil softsgels
-One Vitamin World Organic Flaxseed oil softgel
-Mannatech Products including one pill each of: Ambrotose AO, Plus, Catalyst, Manna C, GI Zyme, Manna Bears, Glyco Bears
-Two Hard Boiled Eggs (approx 11g total protein)
-Half a bottle of fuze with 5 grams of creatine
-Peanut butter crackers (16g carbs 6g protein)
-Two special K Bars (36g carbs, 2g protein)

Lunch 12:00 PM at school
-Half Pint Milk(29g carbs, 8g protein)
-Ham Cheese melt on Pretzel roll (approx 11 grams protein)
-Small Side cup of yogurt (Approx 3g protein)
-Small Side cup of peaches
-Cup of Chicken Noodle Soup (Approx 2 g protein)

Pre Workout 3:00 PM
-Zone Bar (15g protein, 23g carbs)

  • G2 Gatoraid with 5g glutamine and/or a caffeinated low sugar drink if needed

Post Workout 5:15 PM
Recoup Shake (30 grams protein, 60 grams carbs) mixed with 16 oz of 2% or skim milk)

Dinner 6:30 PM
Medium plate of Pasta
Piece of Grilled chicken (Approx 12 grams protein)
Salad with (varies but this is ideal) lettuce, tomato, onion, cucumber, spinach, carrot, brocoli, califlower, green pepper, celery w/ oil n vinegar
2 VW fishoil softgels and 1 VW flaxseed oil softgel

Evening Shake Approx 8:45 PM
Muscle Milk 2 scoops mixed with 12-14 oz of 2% or Skim Milk (32g protein 12g Carbs) Milk havening approx 10 grams protein
2 VW fishoil softgels and 1 VW flaxseed oil softgel

Prebed approx 10:00
3 ZMA pills

Goal for bed is to be in bed by 10:15 in order to get my goal of 8 hours and 45 mins of sleep

Approx Protein Intake - 162 grams of protein

Remember I weigh 180 and am trying to gain strength but actually lose bodyfat and some weight


DAMN good warmup(via felt good at end when I throw in a couple standing verts of goal post which i got easy and higher then usually nearly palmed end of it when i took a 2 step approach so i think the extra days off after the last 3.5 hard weeks of training def helped, cant wait to see improvement one i actually improve the thing i lack the most reactivity

ME Legs

Parallel Squat- worked up to 315x3

Single Leg Squats w/ big chains- 65lbs 3x6

Revere Hyperextensions- 70 lbs 3x8
Glute Ham Raise on machine- BW 3x8

Hanging Abs- 3x8 total
Weighted Ab Pulldown- 3x8 60 lbs[u]

Would give it a 9.5 worked hard, smart and was intense

Did some NICE PNF stretching after cooling down w/ shake and shower

Got all star game practice tommrow so hoping to not be sore

Did Form shooting work (no jumping) Free Throws 21/25 (Goal=82%

Hey man. Everything looks good. But I would drop a day, or maybe two of the basketball practicing and replace with them with some type of active recovery like swimming, elliptical etc. Something that is no-impact. You have nearly seven months til the preseason and plenty of time. I would keep the ball practice days at 5 right now and maybe sometime in the summer work it up to 6, tops. One, it’ll keep you from burning out and the times you’re in the gym that much more efficient and effective. Two, seven days a week, plus lifting the legs twice a week and plyos twice a week is a ton on the joints, especially the knees. I play college basketball and once you get there, it is a GRIND. Save your knees for that because when you are having hard practice 2-3hours a day, 5-6x a week, you will feel it. Good luck.