Muscle Tone

This post can be classifed in all three of the subthreads so I guess it is best to put it in fundamentals.

I train with three individuals and we all have three varying levels of flexibilty. From really great to good to not so good. We also have three varying levels of regular everdayay muscle tone which really corresponds to how each of our flexibility is. The individual who has high flexbility has a lower muscle tone relativley to the individual with whom’s flexibility is poor.

We did an experiment in practice. The individual with great flexibility completed a deep muscle stretch the night before a hard speed practice. I personally stretch for 45 minutes before bed everynight and am the individual with good flexiblity. the individual doing the deep stretching the night before had some poor performances in practice early on but as the practice progressed his times got better and better. For example from 16.3 - 15.1 for 150.

So with this being said I have gathered that lowering Tone before the next day’s practices allows an individual to do much more work load without developing too high of a muscle tone and risking injury and or poor performance.

So now is there an optimal muscle tone to have for a race and how can you tell if the muscle tone is too high or too low in an individual???
Is too high a muscle tone possibly risking injury? Is the reverse possible as well(too low muscle tone causing injury)??

Am I totally off the deep end???

Who are you?

Does anyone have any input on this topic ???

I’m interested as well. I posted this question in another thread recently but it must have gone overlooked.