Muscle girls need love too?....

a freind of mine came to the gym today, she’s competed in bodybuilding in the past and still has a lot of muscle.

It started a conversation with another friend of mine, he says muscles belong on guys, mean while I think it’s an attractive look.

What do you guys think?

Too much for me…I did interview Heather lee on and she had some great points.

I like my women like Jennifer Gardner in the movie electra and daredevil…anything more is just not my game. If I was 260 then I may have a different perspective. I am 180 so anyone my size would be tough on my ego.


Where does she work out? She looks familar :slight_smile:


:eek: no thanks, most of them have biceps bigger then my chest :smiley:

a girl bigger or leaner than me doesnt do it for me.

maybe it’s for those who miss prison, but arent gay.

They’ve got nice natural female jaws, like they’ve been taking some nice natural pituitary gland supplements…

The second picture is of Heather Lee. (who i think is a beautiful woman)

I think, like you said, a lot comes down to what a guys ego can take. Could you date a girl who had bigger arms than you, or could bench press more than you, or run faster than you!?

Cockysprinter, Captainpain why couldn’t you date a girl who’s in better shape than you?

Chris30 are you still going to Goodlife in Burlington? I know a few girls who work out there that compete.

I don’t think it has anything at all to do with ego. I could stand a girl that could beat my ass if she looked feminine! These girls look and have all the facial and body(no not that part) features of men. It would just be weird and really uncomfortable to make love with someone who looks so manly.

Why would any man want to be with a girl that looks like a man? These women are 6 inches away from a sex change.
If a guy takes a bunch of female hormones we know he is some sort of fag, or he thinks he is a female traped in a mans body. Why would it be different for a chick who is doing her best to look like a man.

[QUOTE=t-bone]Cockysprinter, Captainpain why couldn’t you date a girl who’s in better shape than you?QUOTE]

It’s not something I choose, I was just born that way, I’m not attracted to women who look like that. It’s not anything I can help, to me those women don’t “do it” for me.

T-bone, man they are all beautiful.

i dont think its that much of an ego thing, im just not attracted to really lean or really big girls.

yep :slight_smile: Not as much now as I am running 5-6 days a week but I still go there a couple times a week

And what about Female Sprinter bodies ?
Ooohhh, i love it !!

I’m down with that…some of the poses are great as well!

I can´t remember the name or adress but last year, i found some sites about female sprinters bodies.

I am not interested in those females that look to much like guys. I am strictly talking about their chest looking too much like pecs and their faces looking too much like a guys face. If they don’t have these two problems, then count me in.

Love em’ all.

Geez! I almost forgot why I like track so much! Much love for FloJo! Marion is fine too, but why doesn’t she spend some of those millions and fix her grill?