Muscle Gains While Sprinting

i read somewhere that sprinting, burns more calories than saying jogging, but also, can increase muscle sizes in the legs. this was also said about biking at high intensites. is this theory true, can you gain muscles while sprinting??

yes. The faster you go the better.

It’s all functional mass too!!!

so its true? you can gain functionally muscle mass while sprinting? thats great then

so i guess if you do sprinting with a sled will pack on even more mass?

also, i know their are knowledgeable people here… and i’m trying my hardest to try and learn in detail about sport training.

so if someone has any detailed information about this ‘sprinting adding muscle mass’ and the science behind it, please post it, that way i can learn it and can help me in the future. or if anyone has links to such websites, please post.


so if you want to have more functional mass, sprint, and lift.

is that right