Musclar Bolt 'nervous'

My response would once again be the risk is too high for the benefit he is deriving. There are much easier and safer ways to go about an appropriate general prep phase without employing exercises executed with bad technique.

The same logic could be applied to Asafa Powell’s bench press antics – which led to a pec tear that has undoubtedly impacted his career negatively.

USAIN Bolt, the world’s fastest man, was far from back to his best but showed he’s still the man to beat as he powered to victory in the 100m in the Rome Golden League meeting.

Racing for the first time in almost nine months, Bolt, 24, finished in 9.91sec - well outside his world record of 9.58sec - to edge out Jamaican compatriot Asafa Powell by 0.02sec.

French national record holder Christophe Lemaitre was third in 10sec flat as the sprinters benefited from a slight 0.6m per second tailwind.

But it was the world and Olympic double sprint champion and world record holder over both 100m and 200m that the 47,000-strong crowd had come to watch and the ebullient Bolt did not disappoint.

He did admit, though, that nerves had got to him, particularly after a poor start.

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“It was not perfect but I’m very happy. It could have been better, but I’m now looking forward to my second race [of the season],” Bolt said.

"The important thing was that I got the win. It’s good for confidence and the season.

"I think over time it should be OK. I got through my first race, I was so nervous.

“I got a bad start and then kind of started to panic. I’m not proud of the race but I am getting there.”

Showing off his new muscular physique, Bolt was slow out of the blocks with even the slow-starting Lemaitre next to him getting out quicker.

Powell’s mid-race pick-up saw him put daylight between himself and the field but Bolt hunted him down in the final 20m to just nick it.

Powell was left frustrated at a missed opportunity.

“The difference is that Usain ran his race and I also ran his race. I didn’t stay relaxed or focused,” Powell said.

"I was too focused on Usain. I was very relaxed at the start but during the race I lost my focus and so he could beat me.

"For this, I’m a little upset with myself. I knew I had to take this victory, I’ve lost a very important occasion but at the same time I can say that my shape is good enough for this time of the season.

“After this meeting maybe I will feel more confident, the time is quite good.”

Bolt had to grit his teeth and he looked more ragged than normal, although his failure to dip when Powell did so almost cost him his hard-earned victory.

Having given it the usual clowning around pre-race, Bolt’s face during the sprint showed he meant business.

And he delighted fans at the end of his lap of honour by doing his trademark two-armed point to the skies.

Lemaitre was delighted to have stayed so close to the two Jamaicans, the current and former world record holders.

“I was still in touch with Bolt and Powell, to perform like that was fantastic,” he said, although there was a touch of regret at having failed to again break the 10sec barrier.

“10.00sec? Don’t tell me that!”

Tyson ran in the rain and cold with another 50m to go…lol
His warm up was done in the 40m car park opposite the track in the rain.

Lemaitre has been working on his starts…he was a different guy in that race. His patience in the drive phase was impressive.

NumberTwo i agree, though I personally don’t think, that he will get hurt (although it’s always a possibility whenever doing physical stuff), since the weight is so light. Though it’s not as light as a 45 lbs bar that the female is using in the other post (easier to do “perfect” form with near nothing for weight). The main negative points of form i saw was not: letting the arms extends fully (but this is somewhat expect when doing it faster). He kept his shoulders back, chest out and the weight close to his center of gravity. He could have allowed for the elbows to rotate up more (also stemming from speed). The curve in the back aka lordosis is a natural thing for a lot of people, especially expslosive people though its not limited to that type nor or all exsplosive type athletes prone to this spinal feture, myself being one of them.

I was thinking along those exact same lines.

Yes, I agree. Lemaitre was composed in that race. He’s learning.

Yes totally. I think he now has the belief and knows that he ‘belongs’ with the elite having run sub 10 3 times (correct me if i’m wrong). Self confidence goes a long way in this game.

Reply Bolt hang clean technique , not very good but the load is too low to get hurt, I don’t think the forces generated in the hang clean will induce fatigue or injury considering the amount of force he generates when running 9.5.