MRI Results... Slap Tear.. FML

What would you guys make of this… I don’t see the dr. for another 2 weeks but haven’t benched in 2 months… It seems that benching bothers it along with the bottom to mid position in chin-ups… overhead pressing seems to be ok at this point…
Surgery or ??? Thanks in advance… keep in mind I am currently #4 in the USA in powerlifting with a 395 lb. bench press @ 165 lbs. Raw.

All the rotator cuff tendons are intact. There are no partial tendon tears. There is mild supraspinatus and infraspinatus tendinopathy.

The long head biceps tendon is in continuity with no subluxation. There is decompression of injected fluid into the biceps tendon sheath. The biceps anchor is intact. There is no tear of the biceps tendon but there is the suggestion of mild interstitial degeneration of the intra-articular portion. There is a contrast filled tear along the base of the superior labrum from anterior-posterior and confluent contrast filled separation of the superior most aspect of the anterior labrum. The posterior labrum is intact and normal. The anterior mid to anterior inferior labrum is intact and normal. There is no inferior labral tear. There is slight posterior subluxation of the humeral head. There is no cartilage loss along this joint. There is no fracture deformity or bone edema of the humeral head or the glenoid. There is no glenohumeral capsulitis or capsular sprain and no capsular tear.

There is only trace AC joint fluid. No cartilage loss or synovitis or subchrondral edema along this joint. No spurring of the acromion appreciated and no acromial edema or downslopping. There is no bursitis.





To me, sounds like a typical (looking for the wrong thing syndrome )…
Sounds like the shoulder girdle is out of whack = the scapular is not in position.

This causes issues esp when under load.

Now, if the scapular is being Pulled out of place, from where?

It sounds like (without feeling it) that the biceps, the pec minor, maybe forearm, deltoid all have nasty trigger points. As this has been going on for over 2* months, I would check for compensation issues too with the other larger muscles around them areas.

1st, look after the bigger stronger muscles, then as they get better, smaller muscles. It’s like a tug of war, the bigger, stronger muscles will overpower the stabilizers.

Depending on how good a therapist you find, you could be fixed by the weekend, at least 80-90% fixed.

Fixed by the weekend huh??? Did you even read the MRI? It’s a Labrum Tear…not some type of syndrome that corrective exercise is magically going to fix.

Not 100% fixed, I didn’t say that
And I didn’t say corrective exercises.
Sadly, the ability to find somebody who can really help is very hard to find.

How confident are you in your doctors? I know my feeling about surgery are that I’d rather avoid it unless it is absolutely positively necessary. If you aren’t confident in your doctor and you’re not too far from Toronto, there’s always Dr. Galea. You can’t do better than him in North America, and he likes athletes and doesn’t rip people off. You’ve already got MRI’s so perhaps a quality second opinion would be wise before proceeding with surgery.

I have apt’s set-up with 3 diff dr.'s and t this point i don’t know how serious or non-serious this is… In the meantime I’m just doing a shitload of rehab and hoping to pain goes away. I don’t have any weakness or instability so thats a good sign. Perfect scenario is I aggravated a pre-existing injury and this will go away on its own. Who knows. Thanks for the info.