Mr. Shumon Cool's Training Journal

yeh i have edited this.

Oh and after it i went in the sauna for 1 hour!

Good job! Honor your training.

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Good job! Honor your training.

Thank You


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If you trained a little differently (Properly) you would be a lot faster :devil:

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Chris 30, Forum

Do you have any specific suggestions that would assist Shumon in improving?

Let us know


Sure thing :slight_smile:

I was just busting his chops a bit :wink: (He was giving me a hard time in another thread hehe)

I think it depends on what he wants to concentrate on. (100,200,400) From his times he looks like a 100, 200 runner.

I think CNS work three times a week (speed/weights) with tempo/supp/core exercises the day after speed would give good results. I would cut out the 4 mile jogs entirely.

It also depends on whether or not he can devote a lot of time to training and recovery and how seriously he wants to train. (Some like myself are running recreationally now and work 60 hour weeks making speed 3 times a week impossible.

Does he have target dates for competing? what are his strength/power levels like etc. flexibility, recovery options. Lots of factors involved.

He has great potential no doubt about that!


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how old are you?
and can someone, anyone please explain that the fallacy that lifting weights stunts your growth is not true? id take a stab at explaining myself but i do not like to start something that i do not have enough information on that i can back up.

I dont know man, your 400 meter time is pretty mediorce but your 100 and 200 meter time show real potential. I think with proper training you could drop 6 tenths off your 200 easy. Do you have 30m, 60m 80m times?

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:clap:Shumon Cool you are by far my favorite poster:oYou are one funny guy. You stood on a toliet and it caved in?lol

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you have a toilet in your sauna? i never have seen this before…

9x300 (38 sec) with 3 minutes rest and enough in reserve for the last in 36.90!

This is alot of work, even for winter, but especially at this time. Anyhow that 51 sec 400m could well be blown :devil:

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