Motivational Ideas

As the title says, what are some motivational idea?

i know this is very vague and probably cant be fully understood but what motivates you? what are some ideas to motivate yourself and other athletes?

of course many people are going to say it has to come from within, which is more than fair enuff. but what are some external motivational stuff?

if anyone gets where i am going, this thread could be useful for everyone if we can post motivating stuff where you are just one click away from going harder than what you planned, taking that extra rep, or that extra 10mins in the ice bath. just that little bit more…

tip: Giving yourself a prize after some success
Prize can be: 1. Setting a new goal.
2. Indulging yourself. Get ice cream.
3. Read your List of Successes (in training, or in your journey to reach other goals)


Slaying the Dragon.

Don’t do anything, say anything, read anything else until you do that.

guess ill add some things to the thread…

  • keeping a journal of all workouts and training day. a great way to keep track and see improvements.
  • setting goals and when attaining, reward yourself.
  • weirdly enough, knowledge motivates me. research different training methods, new exercises and such, and you cant wait till your next workout to try it. i know this because i cant wait till this afternoon to do weighted push-ups on boxes where my chest goes lower than usual!! but it can motivate just by knowing information, if anyone gets me here.
  • Resting can also motivate, as long as its done properly. i know from a weeks lay-off i am begging to get back, but thats in the wrong context…

thats a couple of mine, ill post more later, ill wait to see what other people have to say