Mo's training regimen

In-season training of mo greene, cuz its very similar to Ato’s inseason…not to much recovery wise for strength base training. For Mo’s off season, I would split this over 3 days.
Tues and Thurs…Upper Body (no more than a minute rest between sets)

Bench Press…5 X 10, 8, 6, 6, 6
Incline DB Press…3 X 15
Rear Delt DB Flyes…3 X 15
Straight-Arm-Front DB raises…3 X 10
Arm Running motion with DBs…4 X 4 (15 lbs, 10 second burst, 30 sec rest)
Dumbell Curls…3 X 15 (45 lbs, alternating arms)
Lat Pull Downs…3 X 10 (wide grip)
Dumbell Shrugs…3 X 10

Mondays and Fridays…Lower Body

Squats…4 X 10, 8, 6, 3 (each rep is held at the bottom for 5 seconds, then explodes up)
Power Cleans…5 X 3 (start at bottom in deadlift position, snatch BB up top chest, drop the BB back down on floor)
OR, Clean/Front Squats…5 X 5 (start same as power clean, snatch weight to chest, then squat. Dont do squats or cleans when including this exercise)
Single Leg Curls…3 X 10
Single Leg Extentions…3 X 10

Drive Phase Training: Fridays, after weight room and track.

Run stadium steps
Hop Up stadium steps (run down)
Lunge stadium steps (lung 2-3 steps at a time, run down)
Bounding (8 hurdles)
Sandbox bounding
Striding (3 sets of 30 strides)
Wed: no weight room; Track only work.

Heres Mo’s Meal schedule Mark

Breakfast-9 am, oatmeal, protein drink with fruit
AFter Weight room-12:30 pm protein drink
After Track-3 pm, protein drink
Dinner-6 pm, chicken breasts, veggies
Desert-Protein drink
before bed-10 pm, protein drink.
*Mo only eats 2 squares a day…ideal for sprinter, plus supplementing with plenty of protein.
some good quotes from John Smith “…sprinters need a lot more muscle than long distance runners…the shorter the dash, the more muscular the runner needs to be…” Smith immediately started Greene in the weight room to add the needed muscle to carry him to the world class level. Maurice came to HSI at 155, and now weighs about 175. “…one of the primary purposes of weight training for sprinters is to train the nerveous system to produce power while still experiencing fatigue… more body strength, power and bodyweight is REQUIRED to propel the body forward and sustain the speed across the finish line…”

I’d find it hard to believe thats all he eats in a day. How does he maintain 175lb weight with that few calories?

man the only thing i could think of is all the protein drinks, they must contain the exact amout of calories that he needs for his daily workouts.
i find this sort of diet very tough but apparently its the most wide spread used sprinter’s diet in the states called ‘the zone’, a book published by dr barry sears on nutrition for speed development

EDITED - werrttyyuuuuiiiopadawdnjalnan.

where you get that info?, in sydney for lunch he use to eat a lot off mc donalds
and fried stuff

At the Canadian trials this past weekend I was told that one prominent sprinter (Top 5 time ever) used to eat McDonalds every day.

I got word from a mate that ran in the 4x100 for Chile that Coby Miller and Mo used to eat McDonalds happily, and apparently at atlanta there were 7 McDonalds inside the Olympic village, and if you ate from all of them you got all the bits to an “olympic flame model” or something like that.

is it possible to eat McDonalds everyday and be world class sprinter, atleast maintain 5-8% body fat??

Ehh… I wouldn’t even touch McDonalds, even if I was a world class sprinter. I try to stay away from that stuff, makes me feel sluggish; plus it’s pretty damn bad for you…

yeah but it tastes so damn goooooood to me.

if somebody have ever run in a major competition like iaaf grand prix 1-2, olimpics, word cups, etc, should know how americans take the breakfast, a lot off egg, fried sausages, and in the nigth begin the quest off quality burgers whatewer the country, in the body fat subjet, mo isnt that riped in all the season, y 2000 olimpics in 4x100 relay the spint suit is in the proper place all the time, ashamed off drummon phisic? :rolleyes:

man i always thought these world class sprinters like know exactly how many calories required per day, protein intake carbs etc
cause as far as i know mo has his own cook! but all this mcdonalds stuff is gettin me confused…

i honestly can’t believe that BS about don’t feed F1 cars with shit,do so and they will perform like shit.the exact same applies to tuned athletes.last summer eurosport followed the hsi team and after mo’s 100m win at the trails JS treated the team to a trash meal ina local admitted this was the first bit of trash he had eaten for months.i think it was meat roll or crap like that.

guys you cannot maintain a bf% of 5-6% with mcdonalds alone.absolute BS

Yep Yep. Sounds fishy!!

I dunno guys, I know chi and he was at syd 2000 and at a few iaaf gp’s, but still if you figure that a while back I was treating myself to a few combo’s a week at Mc Donalds, while I was in classes and trained only 3-4 days a week, and still kept a BF level of under 10% with their full time training schedule I don’t think it would really matter, plus if you’re asked in an interview what you eat all day you probably wouldn’t mention the chocolate bars or bits of cake you eat in between meals to keep going. It would be reasonable that these guys during the 'lympics didn’t worry about their meals and enjoyed cos all the hard work was in place.

Anyway aren’t Mc’s meals supposed to be really well rounded (according to them) only that they have stacks and stacks of calories

thats exactly wat i thought, very reasonable :slight_smile:

Well, i can eat everything and keep my BF under 10%, i cut-off 1/2 of the usual meals, i mean, my lunch and dinner are the same size since i was a “normal” guy, but the “extra” food, are ate at half portion. Of course, i don´t eat mayonese, those hamburguers only in micro-wave, no pop-corns, 2 or 3 spoons of ice cream, 3 pieces of pizza, 1Liter milk diary, nothing more than that, aahh, condensed milk almost diary i love sweet, so, everything…
Maybe, i´m looking now for some quantity but not much quality.
Otherwise, after track and weights i used to “eat” special foods, like, Protein Shakes and Aminos.
But who cares ? I´m a 12.0s guy yet…8% fat :smiley:

well! About Mo. He DOES EAT MC donalds. It was on TV on one of his programs while he was in france. He screamed " This is what you’re not supposed to do " and he ran inside after signing an autograph to a lady outside!!

This thread is like the one on “How do guys go from 10.20 to running 11 flat” …
No one can convince me that you can run sub 9 consistantly by eating Mc Donalds
It’s BS
Absolute BS
On the other hand no one can eat exclusively ‘health’ food without the odd high sugar or junk food hit.

Eat good food and train hard.
Belive anything else - and you’ll believe it’s all about the shoes

When you find someone running SUB9, please let us know what hes eating!