Morning meets ?

For earlly meets I try to get to sleep earlier. IF you can try to get some extra sleep during the days leading up to the meet. If I have to run at 9 or 10 I will wake up at 5 in the morning. I do like a little jog and strettch when I wake up. Just make sure you get enough sleep .

Cool, so you get up at least 4 hours before the meet just like Nick said. I will definitely try to get 4-5 hours when the big round meets come. I will have to start changing my sleep habits starting today though… No more 2am national geographic :slight_smile:

Heres a couple pictures from that race, I felt something was terribly wrong, now I realize that I was JOGGING ! (technique wise)
I’m the heat winner.

Where is my arm movement ? … I thought I looked a bit more powerful. I guess I literally “RELAXED” ! Heh.
I also step too much in front no ? I did feel I was “fighting” to over-reach during the last 40m.

I think it looks good technically. the arms are just passing each other so it looks like they aren’t moving. By the time the foot is in full contact, the CM will be just about moving over it.

Who were you racing against, middle school kids. :slight_smile: Just joking, you blew them out!

lol I was thinking the same thing.

Thank you Charlie ! I really can’t wait to explode without the wind.
Hah ! Actually the guy in the speedsuit behind me is running 10.8-11.20 most of the time.
The 10.5 guy in the first heat ran 11.3, I am sure the wind was more than minus 2 at a certain point of the race, at around 60m we all felt a huge breeze. I don’t know how they measure wind though…

Your arm tech looks fine - relaxed, controlled and where they should be in that stride sequence.
The only real thing that i Could be noticing, is it looks like your foot is Pointing Down just before ground contact. Dorso flex that foot a bit more and your leg should land closer to under c.o.g.

And as you get more powerful, expect more hip height to come, it will come.

Looking good champ, keep it up

Actually, the foot is moving down just prior to contact but the big toe is pointing up, both actions as they should be. I would judge the foot action as good.

Find a stadium that isn’t built backwards (aka doesn’t have ever-present headwinds).