analyse this

Jeter, also Thessaloniki WAF 2009

Who is the bloke on the left.

Let’s try to keep it technical in this thread. Humour is good, but inane asides and general insults to the athletes pictured just wastes our energy and time. kk

me last season ! :slight_smile: Hmmmmm im not sure how to make the picture full size :confused:

Gay 9.69 Shanghai 2009

Melaine Walker (JAM) in Shanghai 2009

Damn the guy on the bike has excellent triple extension! I wonder what is GPP looks like

Interesting - Patton and Gay have almost exactly the same body position.

Carmelita Jeter cleaning up in Daegu 2009

Damn that s th opera house in vienna! Wondering what made the poor guy crash!

Isn’t Asafa’s left hip too much external rotated? I thought that was quite a bad thing.


We can over-analyse such things. But that rotation is usually typical of the early stages of acceleration as the athletes tries to make room to advance the pelvis, while integrating the need for power and rate within the stride sequence.

Might be that Powell forces his pelvis too far forward in the process of trying to keep his knees up during the latter stages of the race, causing him to rock back somewhat and shorten his stride. So he may be trying to push for Triple Extension, rather than that choppy, vertical action he falls into when closing on the finish.

Or he just might have been thrown off his rhythm and lost balance a little bit. It’s all in the heat of battle. Hard to be critical, although that’s the coach’s role I guess.

He just looks tired to me, must have had a long comp phase.

This is the new 10.17 man from Indonesia

Suryo Agung Wibowo of Indonesia © competes against W. Deewong ® and W. Sonee (L) of Thailand in the men’s 100m final at the athletics competition of the 25th Southeast Asian Games (SEAGAMES) in Vientiane on December 13, 2009. Suryo Agung Wibowo of Indonesia won gold in the event.