Morning meets ?

How much time does it take for the body to “get ready” to run fast after waking up in the morning ?

Should the warmup be longer ?

Any other morning meet guidelines would be greatly appreciated !


Four to five hours. If you have time to get used to morning training, do it. Otherwise, just turn up and run (i.e., do not change anything a few days before the meeting date). Others?

Thanks ! I will just wake up 4 hours before the meet then,that means I will have to sleep around 6 hours tonight because i’m used to sleep late, but I guess one night of insufficient sleep won’t hurt my performance, especially with coffee.

Usually major champs have their heats at around 10-11am, so I tend to try and get up 4-5 hours before. As soon as I wake up I take a little bit of caffeine gel just to wake me up, then carry on with my day as normal.

You just have to accept that you will get less sleep, but everyone is in the same boat!

Good luck!

I hope you run your best Silencer :slight_smile:
Have a good start of the season :cool:

Thank you guys !
It’s not really a season starter … I just entered to some weak 11.8 heat to test things halfway through my SPP2… I will have someone take splits, and see if I need to continue top speed focus or move to SE focus.

Real season starts mid april

I don’t see what the splits will tell you that you shouldn’t already know- expect top speed to be the limiting factor whenever you’re under training load. Finish the SPP and stay relaxed before worrying too much about that right now

Thanks for your input coach Francis !
I just got back from the meet… I had the fastest 60 of all, and my last 40 improved ALOT from last year, but it’s still my weaker part. I am having a hard time relaxing, though in training i feel great. Maybe it was the super hard 10 year old track ? It was like concrete.

Expect the last 40 to improve when you are through the SPP and into comp when you’ll have a lower overall workload and therefore you’ll be looser etc.

Hmm that’s encouraging !
Right now I am trying to decide if I should ditch the second Speed session of the week for a Special endurance one in the 250m rage, for the remaining 5 weeks.
On one hand, SE is naturally the weakness of heavier guys like me (just under 210 right now, 6’3) on the other hand, I am not running no 6.5’s so … I just know that my 7.1 60, currently, does not give me a sub 11, even though it should.

My friend filmed the race, I will post it on this site when I get it :slight_smile: I would be grateful if some of you let me know what it looks like.

I will reply to your e-mail later, but in a nutshell stick to the plan! Your top speed seems to be getting there and this will make your life easier once you start working more specifically on your SE and progressively de-loading. No 250s for now all of a sudden! That’s my opinion. Also, a 7.10" gives an 11.08" and a 7.04" a 10.98" (all FAT). More to come from you, I am sure! :cool:

What did you end up running in that meet?

11.40 something into a 2ms headwind … :frowning: clearly unacceptable, but if you add the sleepless night, concrete like track and the wind (which must have been like minus 20 at the 60m mark, i just hit a brick wall) I guess I should be at 11.2 if everything was in place.

Pretty good for march ? I guess ? Sprinting is harder on your mind than on your body, i’m telling you… :slight_smile: People tell me to run and have fun, forget the times… but I can’t, I can see myself running faster and faster, but in reality it happens at a much slower rate than in my mind.

Bottom line… As long as I improve I am thankful … Not having a coach is also a factor… The most respectful guy in here thinks any training above 80% with 100m runners will cause injuries and that sprints under 80m is not training

Good to have board…

Minus 20 winds?

Is this a -2.0 m/sec or a -0.2 m/sec, as you e-mailed me? :confused:

-2.0 sir !

Then nothing to worry about, really! :cool:

Its hard doing tt’s when your not actually ready for them.
Your half way through Spp - i would be looking at Training improving from wk to wk, not 100m races improving wk to wk at this stage, that come at end of Spp when you start Comp phase. As your aware im sure.
As we discussed, you did by sounds of things a good hard 60m. I wouldnt expect anything else at this stage, ie after 60m, that comes later as discussed above in previous posts.
0.4 of a sec off where you will be at comp season - how many factors do we though at for the 0.4 = 1st early morning run
= high head winds
= middle of Spp
= push to 60m then trying to relax

im like “0.4, is that all?”

A -2.0 wind is alot more than .2 I’d figure. Perhaps 11.1 or 11.0 as you are fighting the wind with loaded muscles. I would not react and change the SE to anything longer now. Just let things work out for you and you’ll be fine

Heh, that’s great ! I dont like these 250-300m sprints…

I will keep doing the 120-150m work as advised, and see how it goes…
Back to training then ! I am now convinced it was a great “test” and everything is working as it should.

Will update soon with the video !

Thanks Charlie, Mark and Nick!