Modifying KK's program for 100m

I don’t think you have to modify the plan too much. following the kk gpp followed by the 5 week transition should be enough for a great 100. my experience after following the hop is very good I have setd my personal best in the 100/200/400. I came from 11.10 to 10.80 @32. so personally I think you shouldn’t worry to much and just start with gpp. you could adjust the volume to suit you r needs.

What is the 5 week transition?Have I overlooked that in the other thread? I don’t understand what you mean by “after following the hop”. What is hop?

Thanks for your input. I am hoping this will help me break the 11sec barrier.

There is a 4 week transition after the initial six week GPP. I would strongly suggest buying the Lactate Threshold Ebook, as it is 1000% easier to read than the thread, and has been edited well. I bought the ebook and have read it over and over. It’s a brilliant exchange between some great 400m minds (KitKat, Pierrejean, CF, etc).

This year I switched from a Short to Long approach to two 6 week blocks of KitKat GPP, a 4 week transition, then blended into a Charlie Francis Short to Long based program. I took .50 off my indoor 200m time and was in great shape physically. If I can get my diet under control this year, it could go even better.

Remember that CF Short to Long programs benefit those who already have a high training age and already possess supreme levels of fitness. For us mortals or masters guys, you will likely need more lactic type work than is present in a CF Short to Long program. I think a blend of the two works nicely but you MUST get to the true speed work if you are a 100m man!

KitKat’s program is very sound, and the loading schemes are less complex to follow. To be honest, myself and my athlete barely lifted at all this season and still progressed nicely.

is this book available in the CF shop?

also, would this approach be more suited to taller athletes, with shorter guys doing better with S-L??

It came out a couple of months ago, and is available here.

I can only tell you what my experience was with the KitKat program as a tall, lean masters guy with a 25.67 indoor PB. I had trouble handling the work when I did short to long preparation in the past, and I’d find that I was chronically tight and sore in the calves and achilles, and would carry a bit of extra weight around my midsection that I couldn’t seem to get rid of (see Kelly Baggett’s "Skinny-Fat Ectomorph articles).

I found the KitKat GPP mentally tougher than a Short to Long (especially on 5x200 days!) but I was able to handle it much better physically, which was very motivating. I also lost fat easily without much change in diet. ESTI has used number of variations of KitKat’s GPP with excellent results, he is the one to ask really. Hopefully he will chime in soon.

Hey Guys

I have been re-reading the Lactate Threshold Thread and found the transition block information. I was wondering if anyone had the thread that CF started titled High Intensity Training Volume that was referenced in the Lactate Threshold Thread. I searched but could not find it.


My experiences with the GPP is after completing 6 weeks, you are capable of handing an increased amount of training loads. I found with a 6 week gpp, 4 week transition worked great for 300 and 60m times for my high school kids (for them, the average speeds of 60 and 300m are similar, which is what I guess showed the improvements). I found 150 times were rather stagnant.

I gave them a few weeks off (don’t recall exactly how many), and then went to s-l gpp in fall followed by s-l spp in early winter. This was a huge success. The repeat 60s were very easy to handle and I saw steady improvements in 60s during training. I then thought it would be a good idea to go back to KK gPP which then turned into disaster.

Using the GPP followed by a long to short for 100m should work nicely. I know there has been some question about L-S gpp, and although I have not seen Charlie’s GPP for L-S, I think concepts can be adapted to fit the needs of 100m specialists.

As T-Slow has mentioned, we used the GPP for 12 weeks, then transition followed by some progressions Charlie used for 400m Long to short. I felt it could be adapted rather smoothly and it did work out for T Slow last season. I know it seems like a a la carte program, but I feel there are general concepts that can be adapted depending on what preceeds it.

Trying to understand - after the season you gave them a few weeks off follow by KK gpp follow by s-l gpp etc? How/why did things go bad the second time through?

Great question. I’m not 100% sure why, but I suspect it in this way:

Going gpp—>s-L went from work capacity to increased velocity.

Going s-l --> went from fast velocity to slower velocity which resulted in stagnant training and potential overtraining at one point with one athlete.

The reason I felt the need to change was to use new speed from s-l with longer distances. This didn’t work at all. I guess it’s like a puzzle piece that doesn’t fit, but belongs to the same puzzle.

As Charlie had posted me once, never jump from one to the other within a season.

Well, if you think about it, going from L-S GPP to S-L later means;

Long -> kind of short -> back to long again

So what you might be losing is acceleration development. If so, your performance above 60 in the 80-150 range later might be off because MaxV is off, because you aren’t doing enough accel development early to reach a high enough MaxV. The Jamaican programs are using plenty of work in the 300-450 range for GPP, but also plenty of power development in that same GPP using sleds and hills. If I was starting L and planning to go S-L later, I would be incorporating some S work in GPP in the 30-50m accel range.

Yes, I feel your explanation is correct.

ESTI, can you clarify- a previous conversation we had indicated that you may have used a sled day in the initial GPP period which would be true accel / power work, something the original KitKat version does not touch upon until transition. I’m not sure if it was this particular instance or not?

I can say that using the traditional KitKat model I saw 30m acceleration times for my guy go from:

3.70 (end of GPP)
3.65 (end of transition / race block)
3.58 (10 day taper after transition for major competition)
3.50 (competition phase after)

Acceleration definitely develops over time, but if using the traditional KitKat GPP the biggest improvement shows nearing the end of transition and into the competition phase it seems.

I saw the same pattern with myself but of course at a much lower level. (Add about half a second!)

Not ESTI but KK’s GPP has

Wk 4 (Repeats for Wk5):

  1. 300+60,50,40,30; 200+60,50,40,30; 150+60,50,40,30 (30sec rest between long rep and first short rep)
  2. Field Circuit (about 6mins) + NO WEIGHTS
  3. Rest (or 1hrs Gymnastics)
  4. 300+150, 150+150, 100+80, 80+60, 60+60 (all 30sec b/reps; full rec between sets) + Weights.
  5. Jog 15-20min
    6. 3-6 (2x60m Skip, 2x80m Sprint Buildups, 2x80m Sled Pull or Equivalent Light Resistance)
  6. Rest


You are correct. Let me clarify- what I remember ESTI saying was that he did a sled day one day every week during one of his modified KK GPP blocks, so not just the two workouts that would normally appear during weeks 4 and 5 of the traditional 6 week GPP.

lkh, that’s different, I guess. As long as you are prepared for what’s to come, anything can happen. Perhaps I was a bit strict in my mind, but working from both ends -if that’s what you are implying- can surely work! Thanks for clarification!

IMHO gofast’s model is worth raising in the context of this discussion. Obviously he is referring to 400m but the principals could be adapted to suit 100m.

I have the weights on day 1 and day 4 (the short speed/max vel days) to hit CNS all at one time. I have found that it doesn’t interfere with the SE work the next day. If I felt it did with a particular athlete then I would add it to the SE day instead but I find most athletes struggle to lift very well after hard SE sessions.

The day 2 SE is what I term special endurance II (300-600m) whereas the day 5 session is special endurance I (150-300m) to hit overdistance as well as under distance (which I know KK goes by).

My approach is really built around short to long to develop accel/max velocity and long to short to develop speed endurance/lactate capacity…all ideas tried by many before me I am sure.

The big thing I have found, and a good masters project (not done by me) supported this well, is to focus on developing the max vel, that’s where I think there are big gains can be made for many athletes in the 400m. Improve their max vel so essentially they can run at high velocities in the first 200m without using up too much energy. Then when the race starts at the water-jump they can kick hard and be charging home. [/i]

T-Slow, Yes I forgot I did that!

I’ll dig up the sheets with exact specifics. Until then, I’ll leave a teaser:

Monday: accel/Max V (sleds, 30s, and EFE, FEF)

Wednesday: split runs and 6x200 (alternated each week; 6x200 one week, split runs the next)

Fri: Split runs

Split runs is general for runs designated with a “+”, usually the shorter back up reps.

Just for clarification, a split run could for example look like the following?

Run 300m, walk 30 seconds run 60m rest 5 minutes?