Modified CrossFit/basic gymnastics be Tempo?

I’m in my GPP hill work and have a question about tempo.

I’ve research some threads on Tempo and it doesn’t sound like Tempo needs to be running specific to meet the goals of tempo.

In one, it was discussed that rowing could be sub’ed for the rowing and it looks like the No Excuses Basement Tempo videos don’t have running in them. I hear there is some running in place in the video?

Anyway, would do people think about modified CrossFit/basic gymnastics workouts being sub’ed for tempo?

Modified meaning - don’t do the workouts for time, shorten the volume and mental intensity when approaching the workouts, and create your own combinations and not necessarily follow the main site. Stick to constant variety and whole body movements, just crank down the intensity.

I’ve been doing basic gymnastic work from and its been really fun and enjoyable. It also has strengthened my core in ways that med ball work or situps never could.

Thoughts? Thanks


yeah, body weight exercises work well, coupled with say Step Ups in between work wonders. Dumbbell complex’s from istiv javerok are hard ass too, keep em light and cardio goes crazy up.