mo greene diet

There was a post earlier on mo greenes diet, like 5 shakes and 2 meals a day, but I can’t find it.Can anyone help with this.cheers.

Here you go…

I wonder how reliable that info is though, I mean how does he have enough energy with such low carbs.

There is/was video of him in one of those Eurosport documentaries drinking a sizable Powerade after a workout. The fact the diet doesn’t include any carbs after the workout or even close to it makes me pretty skeptical, though by “protein drink” they could just mean a PWO drink, which might be an entire meal in itself.

They forgot to mention the deer antler extract. At 5’9" ~180, I’m sure he eats somewhat more than that.

Dont believe in any way at all he eats 2 meals a day…
BTW, is this what he really did in the weight room? leg curls…leg extensions…bicep curls…shrugs…minute rest between sets?

tahnks.Makes for interesting reading.I wonder about the energy as well with such low carbs.

It’s well known that athletes do not give correct information about diets and workouts in the news, I’ve seen many examples of this. Sometimes even to throw off their competetion or whatever the reason. I’m sure we have all met the guy who says he was just born large, ripped and athletic, but hes doing his squats and eating his steaks just like the rest of us. I always take this kind of info with a grain of salt.

Wasn’t there once a clip out there of Mo eating a McDonalds?

lol…clip of tyson eating mcdonalds too :smiley:

Yes, and it’s not exactly a secret. Mo was for some years on the Zone diet–probably not truly rigorous 40/30/30 but less carbs (but not less protein) than some here maybe would like to see.

I wouldn’t be surprised if that report was pretty accurate. Guys you don’t always need to follow science to get results and you don’t always get the full picture with these kind of things. Perhaps you could fine tune this diet to make improvements but mo’s real reason for improvements comes down to his work on the track not what he ate.