MMMMM...Bloody hamstring

So, I would say this is a torn hamstring…yes/no? :eek:

w0w if your looking for advice…

Id say there is absolutley nothing you can do besides rest, and stretch.

probably not even stretch for the first month.

ooouch! :eek:

dynamic hurdle work over electrical fences?

Yeah, i kind of just posted it because a few therapists that have seen it said they have never seen such bruising before. I just took this picture today and I strained it last tuesday.

I had a recurring hamstring strain in the same spot where it tore. I had strained it about 5 times in the past two years. Treatments prior to the tear was a lot of ART and strenght work.

At the time I tore this, I felt 100%. I was finishing an 80m run and at the last 20, POP.
We’ll see how long this takes to recover. I should be getting an MRI soon to see how severe the tear is.

Oh wow… :eek: I’ve seen some pretty significant bruising on people’s injured hamstrings (I thought mine was bad, but I have never had bruising when I had strains… Must’ve been minor)… This has to be AT LEAST Grade 2… Very well Grade 3 too… Hope for the best, but that looks awful bud… Sorry that happened.

Wow, it sure looks bad.

Good luck dude

Hey, thanks guys. Let’s just say my sprinting career is over. I’ll stick to coaching and prob getting into triathlons.

Let’s never say “over.” As Mr. Belushi said, “Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?” You will heal in time. You can sprint again.

:smiley: nice quote!

Let’s say this is a Grade 2 strain (partial tear), is it possible to ever regain previous form?

Be careful bruising doesn’t tell the whole story.

The degree of injury cannot be determined by brusing alone.

Poor post-injury treatment - absence of PRICE, poor care, will often lead to very, very bad brusing.

People with different skin types will bruise differently.

I worked with one top-class footballer a few years ago who could bruise on a windy day, and when he did get hit proper he bruised very badly, but the injury wouldn’t be severe at all in fact I often would point out bruises to him that he hadn’t even noticed.

Again I’ve even seen Grade 3 tears with just minimal bruising around the rear of the knee.

If the injury is recent this will bruise badly, but proper rehab and care can take care of it, remove bruising, reduce inflamation and assist in the regeneration of the tissues.

It is probably a grade 2, (but again going on a photo is foolish).

I would progress with caution, find a good physio, but remain very positive.
Get a proper rehab program in place too, so that the underlying issue is fixed once and for all this time.

Best of luck and if I can be of any help just ask.

Only a good doctor and/or time will tell. I have been racing for nearly 40 years, so I’ve had my share of injuries over the years. You can’t always see it, but there’s light at the end of the injury tunnel. While you may never regain previous form, that doesn’t mean you can train and race, enjoying the ability to do so at whatever level you can attain.

Often you will get a significant bleed from an extension tear in an already damaged area. I had an NFL linebacker who looked like this and he was back in action in 4 weeks. The key here is good treatment starting with manipulation of the surrounding tissue TOWARDS the injury site from BOTH above and below to ensure that the tissue isn’t stretched apart too early. No stretching for the time being! A good ART man could do wonders if you have the access.

Yes it is!! No matter how bad it might look, the amount of tissue damaged may not be all that much as long as the injured area heals over and the tissue is sufficiently treated to gain ROM compared to the surrounding tissue so you don’t continue to get these extention injuries.

Thanks for the information. ART has done wonders with me in the past. Right now i’m getting the “standard” treatment of ultrasound and light stim.

no stretching??? I can’t even fully extend at the knee w/o a ton of pain! Do you know of any good ART guys in the Chicago area? I might give a couple sessions a try so I can get this to heal correctly.

I’m not from the Chicago area so I couldn’t tell you how good any of them are, but lists providers by state and/or city I’m sure there are a couple from Chicago on there.

If i were u i would find a ARP (not ART) practicioner. I had a hamstring problem for 3 years , i did deep tissue, ART, Myofascial, ultrasound and nothing really worked. Went to an ARP clinic and in 3 days they fixed the problem with their magical machine. I havent had a problem since. Basically they believe that tissue trauma causes a bioelectric charge to be created around the area walling off the injury. as the injury heals matted collogen forms (scar tissue) and the electrical charge remains. the ARP removes this electrical charge and your body then naturally breaks down the scar tissue returning the areas tissue to natural flexible form. Now if u believe this explanation or not is up to you. all i kno is they took care of my 3 year hamstring problem in 3 days (albiet it was an extreme 3 days). all other forms of manual minipulation of the traumatized area only increase the flexability of the scar tissue and dont really get rid of it.

I have had something similar to ARP done. I believe the company who makes the ARP deveice also makes Therastim which is a similar product although im not quite sure what the difference is. I know it runs off DC current and the way it works is that it helps elongate the muscle somehow…bs, I dont know. A fellow coach out here in Chicago that I worked with had one and the kids swore by it. It contracts teh muscle but at the same time you stretch it out. It also has a “hunting” mode where you can move the electrode aroudn while it is on and if you have scar tissue it’s going to create a contraction. I would assume it works in the same way as you were explaining above. The device is set to give otu the same bioelectric charge that the muscle generates so being DC powered, the current should run smoothly through w/o creating a contraction. If there is scar tissue, which is said to give off a different charge, then it will create a contraction. This is what I have been told, I may be way off.

I also know that you can’t purchase the machine directly. I believe the only option is to lease it at an unbelievably high price.

If that is the explanation (restoration of the polarity across the cell membranes), then accupuncture should work as well. Did you have accupuncture before?

is there a web site?